PartyOwl Xclusive! In Conversation with Max Vangeli.

  • Partyowl
  • 21 Jul 2016
  • 4 min

With a worldwide hunger for his bold live endeavours, be it frequent slots at Pacha Ibiza for the Masquerade Motel alongside the Swedish House Mafia, spots at Sensation White or his own solo exploits both in America and overseas, an artist who has excelled in taking the energy of his music wherever he goes. Described by MTV as "One of the most promising artists for 2011", He is Max Vangeli.

PartyOwl Xclusive! In Conversation with Max Vangeli.

In 2013, Max toured India and left House fans grooving to his beats. Good thing is, he's back! and is curretly touring Delhi & Mumbai at Kitty Su. 
So we reached out to him to have a conversation and he was humble enough not to deny us.

One more good news! He has just started his own record label ' No Face Records'.  Any ways here the much awaited conversation: 

PO: Namastey Max! _/\_ , greetings from team PartyOwl and welcome back to India :))

MAX: Thank You for having me!

Well first of all congratulations for launching your own label 'No Face Records'. We wish you are finding lots of new talent.
You started 'No Face Records' this year. How different is this from being a producer?


Starting your own label is great because I love finding new talent. I think it really pushes me to do better as well since its my own baby! Plus I absolutely love the freedom aspect of it.  I get to release whatever the hell I want finally!"

A lot goes into creating a track and then perfecting it. These days, DJ's are using ghost producers to create their music. What are your thoughts about ghost producing and the effect it has on the dance music industry?

Honestly I really don’t know. I got into this for the love of making music, so when you pay other people to make your music its like paying someone else to make love to your wife in my opinion. What excites me is when I actually play my own creation, so when I play things that are not mine it becomes "not so fun". The way I look at it, if you pay people to make your music then you are in this game for financial reasons in the long run. But there are visionaries also who need help laying it down on paper, and I do respect that, as long as you are the one with the vision."

Nowadays, due to internet penetration, music lovers are discovering and listening to a lot of new genres. Among this vast ocean of genres, how do you manage the expectations of your fans while still giving them the feel of the Max Vangeli they know?

You know thats a great question and to answer that I really don’t.  Thats why I launched my own label because I just wanna do everything and I think my fans are starting to see that from me, I’m literally all over the map! I just get really bored doing the same sounds over and over so in order to stay excited I experiment a lot and people seem to love it so far!


We love your tracks but we wonder what tracks are headlining your playlist? Can you list down some for us and you fans?

Yeah of course I love so many records at the moment, especially form my boys Will K and Corey James, they are smashing it at the moment.  Corey has a track on Protocol called Make The Crowed Go, witch REALLY makes the crowed go! Will K has a huge one on Doorn Records calls Hakai, witch is also massive! Definitely look out for these two because they are blowing up, soon ill be opening for them haha!

During your Japan tour you played in Osaka & Tokyo, as we saw the videos the crowd looked really happy and alive. What about you, how was your experience?


It was my first tour in Japan and a lot of fans have been waiting for many years!  It was an incredible feeling to see real fans come out and support, plus people in Japan are just amazing in general so I had a blast!

 Fans are overwhelmed whenever they see their favorite artist live. Moments like these makes the day of an Artist, would you like to share any moments with us?

You know when I finally got to Japan and saw a line of kids with my Vinyls waiting to take a picture and get it signed. It really touched me deeply, for a minute there I realized something. I realized, wow I actually do something that people love and I love doing it.  I just love to see those smiles and the excitement when I meet them all, it brings me so much joy! I think we will have a similar connection here in India this time as well!

The last you played for us (India) was back in 2013, since then the electronic scene has evolved in India, a lot of major festivals are heading here. Do you see any difference or change so far, also what are your expectations from your this tour?

I definitely see a huge difference because when my dates were announced my twitter went crazy!  So its obviously that the scene is booming just like it is in all of Asia.  I think is this definitely going to be an amazing tour and Im very excited about it!


 Any surprises for your fans here in India? Any new music you'd be playing in your shows?

OH YES!!! I have about 4-5 brand new Max Vangeli records I will be testing, I played them out in Japan and the crowed went crazy!  I was extremely happy to see the reaction and I expect nothing less form India.


Hahah! This is amazing, we are looking forward to this treat.

Thank you Max for this amazing conversation. The entire PartyOwl team wishes you the very best for your musical journey and future. Good Luck!

So that was Max Vangeli and if you want to see Max play (which you should) click here


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