In Conversation with NGHTMRE

  • Partyowl
  • 26 Aug 2016
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He has been making waves in the International arena and has caught the eyes of electronic music fans across the globe. His music not only made the fans dance hard but also made the industry head honchos notice him. 

In Conversation with NGHTMRE

Tyler Marenyi, a.k.a NGHTMRE journey in the world of music has been nothing short of a dream. At the time when 'Lean On' was trending globally, his unique sounds made him stand out in the industry. His methods of using sounds from anything that he can get his hands on, made him unique and innovative. 

He went on to headline most of the major festivals in North America and became every promoters choice. His track 'Street' got more than 2.6 million plays on SoundCloud in less than a year. Things blew out of scale when he dropped his anticipated collaboration track with Dillon Francis this year in May. The track gathered a massive 3.44 million plays on Soundcloud. With this, NGHTMRE set foot in India this July and the fans went berserk as both his shows in Mumbai & Delhi went full house.

(Above : A pic from one of his shows in India)

Since NGHTMRE toured India, we thought of sitting down with him for a little chat. Here's the conversation that followed.

Hey Tyler! How was your first tour in India? What were you looking forward to the most?

It was incredible. I was very tired at the end of the tour but all the shows were amazing and I was shocked to meet so many fans. I had heard the crowds were crazy. So I was looking forward to that the most.

That's great. So, how did you become one of the most recognized producers in the world, what is the story behind your success?

I just really have a passion for music. Listening, writing, creating and performing are what I love to do. I believe the real reason for my success is being genuinely interested in what I am doing. If you aren't writing music that you love, the fans will be able to tell.

What’s up with name “NGHTMRE” and why is the name missing an "I" and an "A"? Is there a story associated with it? 


The word NGHTMRE is based on my real name, no real reason for taking out only the I and the A. I wanted the T to be in the middle and wanted to abbreviate the word for trade marking and such.

Your first single was in collaboration with Slander and you recently collaborated with Dillon Francis. How different was it working with them individually?


Derek and Scott from Slander are two of my best friends. We've worked on a lot of music together and it's always a fun time. Dillon Francis I've always really looked up to as a producer and I was honored to work with him. We all use similar software and have like-minded production styles so working with either of them is always smooth.

Since you are good with sounds, have you ever thought of experimenting with other genres? 

Yeah! I always make all kinds of music. I just only release the ones that I think fit the NGHTMRE project. I will probably begin to release newer styles of music as time passes. Just depends on the music that I'm inspired by.

Your upcoming ‘GudVibrations Tour’ with Slander is going to be your biggest ever. Can you describe more about the tour and its concept?


We came up with the Gudvibrations idea for our first big show in Miami this year during Ultra week. Once we hosted that show we knew it was a good brand for our tour. We're really excited because it's both of our first bus tour ever !



Flux Pavilion is one of the biggest names in the dance music and has been playing from a long time. How did you guys decide to collaborate and what all things did you get to learn from him? 
I met Flux in Los Angeles a few years ago. I was fortunate enough to play him some music and he really liked it. After that he asked me to play a few shows on his TESLA tour and that's where we decided to make a new track together. We have never really sat in the studio together and worked on music. We've always just swapped stems and projects but he always adds valuable changes to whatever we are working on. He definitely has taught me to keep things simple and sweet!

Though you produce music and we love your tracks but we wonder what tracks are headlining your playlist? 

All my songs of course… A lot of RL Grime, Skrillex, Zomboy, DJ Snake, Barely Alive, and many more!

So that was NGHTMRE after his debut India tour. He'll soon embark on his biggest ever 'GudVibrations' Tour with Slander in North America. We wish him the best of luck for his future endeavour and hope that his latest track with flux becomes a hit.



(Video Credits : TrapCity , DubRebellion, Audio : Mad Decent Records SoundCloud)


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