Xclusive : In Conversation with Noizbleed!

  • Partyowl
  • 10 Aug 2016
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In the recent years, India has become the hotbed of dance music industry. With producers releasing tracks on Armada & Spinnin records, many upcoming artists have also featured on international labels as well. Joining the league is Noizbleed - DJ/producer duo from Manipal, Karnataka.

Xclusive : In Conversation with Noizbleed!

Anisean Gonsalves & Joel Diaz are India's youngest producers (both 15 year old) to feature on an international label.
Their track 'Make this moment last' will release on Ensuna Music on 12th August, 2016

This excited us and we got an opportunity to sit down with the NoizBleed duo for a little conversation, So let's get on with it.

Hey Anirudh and Joel!,

First of all congratulations for what you’ve achieved and a bigger appreciation for the passion which you guys have and the efforts you put in for it.

There's always that moment in which we discover our passion. Can you tell us about the moment you fell in love with music and then with electronic music?


I took piano classes when I was 7. I think that’s the point when I knew I will have to be a careful observer in music who listens in a different way rather than just enjoying it. I think my first ever electronic song was when my cousin plugged his earphones in my ear and played Benny Benassi ­remix of Skrillex's Cinema. That’s the point where I gained love towards electronic music.


10 years back, Channels like Vh1 played classics hip-hop, rock etc. That’s when I got into the world of music. When I heard the good old Hardwell music, I fell in love with EDM, Now I despise Hardwell but he made me love the genre.

Your track "A Bleeding Nation" contrary to its name has a dance vibe to it and when we play the track, one cannot resist grooving to the number. Can you tell us why you gave such a powerful name to a peppy sound track?

It started out as an experiment, when we first formed Noizbleed in October 2014. We remixed Shaan's ­Light up the world which was unreleased. We were kids playing around and it wasn't that great. So we removed it. Bleeding nation occurred to us when we wanted to release our first original. The name comes from our stage name. We started with a very serious sounding track and later changed it to a dance song.

Now you’re a part of the electronic music scene in India which has been turning a lot of heads towards it, where do you see yourself in the coming years in this expanding yet competitive industry?


When we started the only names from India were Shaan and Zaeden. There were no KSHMR, WiWEK, Kerano .etc. So we too started out to represent India in genres that were untouched back then like Big Room, Deep House, Future House, Future Bass etc. We think if we gave a shot to more labels and agencies, we could be the next "Chainsmokers" or "Knife Party" of India.


 As a musician we have to listen to a lot of different genres, sometimes for fun but mostly to expand our knowledge. What other genres do you listen to and the genres you’d like to experiment with?


We listen to as many genres as possible and cover everything to understand structures of music forms ranging from Night core music to Nu metal like Slipknot. We tried experimenting with Pop with our remixes of "Years & Years", "Capital Cities" etc and were happy with the results. Nowadays, we are experimenting with more of Deep sounds and Rock vibe. 


You guys are young and in this age of internet you might’ve come across a lot of new International as well as Indian artists /acts. Any International and Indian artists/acts with whom you would love to collaborate with and why? What’s so special about them?


Yeah! Lots and lots of new Indian producers in the scene everyday. But if possible our collaboration list starts with:

1. Oliver Heldens - because he bought back the 90's vibe into the industry in 2015 when the entire scene was flooded with big room music.
2. Deadmau5 - would definitely be our favorite. We think he is the only legit producer out there who really knows what he's doing.
3. Foster the People - We think they are one of the greatest bands out there with the best vibe music ever. Their tracks are unique in their own way.


With so many songs to check out, we are curious what you might be listening to and can you name few tracks from your playlist or even better, can you list down your playlist for the fans?


Loads and loads of new music is popping out of major labels like spinnin', Revealed etc. But the ones that caught our ears are :


1. The Aston Shuffle ­ Make A Wrong Thing Right (ft Micah Powell),
2. Bastille ­ Good Grief (Don Diablo Remix),
3. DJ Snake x George Maple ­ Talk,
4. Foster The people ­ Best friend,
5. Years & Years ­ Shine,
6. Disclosure ­ Help Me Lose My Mind (Mazde Remix),
7. Disclosure ­ Holding On ft. Gregory Porter &
8. Gesaffelstein­ Pursuit.

We tend to stick to non EDM music in order to get inspired and be unique.

Do you have any message for your fans?


The industry needs unique sounds & music and that is why we started Noizbleed in the first place. To the fans we would say "Thank You". But hey, we're just getting started and catch hold of our brand new original single that's coming out on 12th of August on Ensuna Music.


Thank you Anirudh and Joel for having this honest conversation with us. The entire PartyOwl team wishes you both the very best for your musical journey and your future.


So, that was Noizbleed. Their upcoming track 'Make This Moment Last' will release on Ensuna Music on 12th of August. You can listen to the preview of the track below and don't forget to like them on facebooksoundcloud and do support homegrown talents.

 Source - NoizBleed

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