About PartyOwl.in

  • What PartyOwl.in isn't?
    Content Platform. Blog. Event Promotion Website. Ticketing Portal. Music Streaming/Download Platform. None of these. Now that we have cleared what PartyOwl 'isn't', the question comes
  • What is PartyOwl.in?
    In the age of digitalization PartyOwl is a conscious initiative for music lovers. These two words 'Music Lover' encapsulates everyone, you, us, artists, promoters, organisers even a person who is out there humming a tune but has no damn idea about us. With the number of rising music events in India, The numbers of music lovers are also rising day by day and they are ready to pay the price to experience their favourite artist. But when it comes to information about the same, it's scattered everywhere. Most of the events where good artists are playing don't even see the light of the day or by the time it reaches us, it's too late. Partyowl.in is here to provide a High-end solution to these problems. In short to enhance your experience and elevate your love for Music.
  • How does PartyOwl.in accomplishes this?
    PartyOwl.in is India's most premier music platform that aggregates only the best Live music events and provides every possible information associated with it. And when it comes to music, PartyOwl.in believes in the free flow of information. With our research, strict and diligent observation of the quality parameters, we offer music lovers a way to Xplore live Music Festivals, Artist Tours, Gigs & Music Workshops happening all over India. On PartyOwl.in quality parameters rules and music lovers are served.
  • Quality & Free Flow of Information
    PartyOwl.in operates at the highest level of Quality Control and advocates free flow of information. We live in an age where Quality control and the free flow of information is very crucial. We establish & maintain quality control at the very basic level of the music industry;i.e. Artists & Creators. PartyOwl.in only lists events of those artists who make their own music and are good at it. No event or artists go live on PartyOwl.in without following a certain quality parameter set as a result of our extensive R&D. This is meant to encourage artists to make their own music so that they can also experience the power of music and activate their events on PartyOwl.in in front of thousands of music lovers.
    About Free Flow of Information: Our R&D has shown that critical information related to a music event is sometimes not revealed or is hidden. This can be because of Conflicting Business interests or malpractices took up by vendors or sometimes Creators. PartyOwl.in discourages use of such methods to hide information that can be critical to music lovers and is crucial for an event. We provide all information about a music event without any hidden motives. This ensures that things are transparent and life of music lovers is made easy.
Our Fundamentals

Best Music Events & Artists

Since we are a bunch of music lovers, we only aggregate the best music events and artists in India.


Information Delivery

Our focus is towards providing the most trustworthy and reliable information for music events. Our information is Free for all and is highly refined.


User Experience

Our platform is committed to provide the best in class information to user. Our support team is actively assisting music lovers in India via emails.

We <3 Digital India

Hon'ble Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi Ji's Vision of Digital India is what inspires us to make PartyOwl.in more open to music lovers from any part of the country. A Digital India can only make artists & music reach to the farthest corners of our country.
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What's Next?
We are building new experiences every day and our support team is making sure that the feedback we receive from our users is taken into consideration. With this, we have exciting new things planned for music lovers and can say that finally someone is here to fix the scene.

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