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Advertise on believes in providing the best user experience to music lovers even when it comes to ad. Thousands of music lovers browse our platform daily and we always want to serve them the best content & ads. Our page format and structure are a result of months of research into user behaviour and analysis. Presently we are only accepting campaigns for Indian audiences only.
We have opened our platform to run ad campaigns that are not obstructive in nature and help the user in some way or the other. Our platform supports :
  1. Rich Media Creatives
  2. HTML5 Creatives
  3. Image Banners
  4. Text Ads
  5. Native Ads
  6. Ads from Xchanges & Networks
  7. Custom Creative formats*
To run these ad formats on we use Double Click for Publisher (DFP). We encourage advertisers to provide macro placements and other necessary resources that are required to run a specific ad format.

Ad Sizes -
  1. 300x250
  2. 728x90
  3. 320x50
  4. 320x100
All advertising enquiries should be mailed to with the following information:
  1. Campaign Duration
  2. Goal Type - Impression/Click/Conversion
  3. Advertiser Profile
  4. Budget
  5. Unit Cost - CPM/CTR/CPA
  6. Contractual Obligations

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