Bangalore Death Fest 2017
  • Bangalore Death Fest 2017

  • Genre : Metal (Festivals)
  • Sun 27 Aug '17 to Sun 27 Aug '17
  • 06:00 pm to 10:30 pm
  • The Humming Tree, Bangalore, Karnataka, India
  • Entry: `500 Onwards
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Sound Awake & Extreme Underground India present Bangalore Death Fest

Hailing from Saitama, Japan, rather than calling their style death metal the band refers to it as "Samurai Metal". The band plays Thrash/Death sticking to their roots writing songs about samurai history and folklore but combining it with a sonic landscape that takes in the essence of an ancient battlefield encompassing all the elements of chaos, death and glory. India, welcome these Japanese Samurai Death metalers, Gotsu-Totsu-Kotsu

Bangalore Metal veterans, they have been evolving from an underground project band into one of India’s premier metal outfits and one of Asia’s constant parameters in the thrash and death metal genre. They need no introduction! They are Inner Sanctum.

Hailing from Shillong, they will make sure they make your ears bleed with their punching riffs, guttural vocals, and gravity blasts. Punching your face with some Brutal Slam Death! They are Breeding Machine.

They are a very well known band in the local Underground circuit of Bangalore. They are almost done with their full-length album and they are all set to kick some ass. A nasty gore grind band, Anorectal Ulceration.

They are from Kerala and are known to deliver some unadulterated, no bullshit, just pure fucking Thrash metal. They are Amorphia.

Their music is characterized by Melodic sections placed among intense and heavy riffing. It's Old school or No school. A four piece Old school Death metal band, They are Regicide.

Metalheads in India, Unite to witness this brutal lineup. Warm up those necks and work on those mosh pit skills as Sound Awake and Extreme Underground India are all set to bring you the Bangalore's very first Death Fest, Bangalore Death Fest 2017 at The Humming Tree, Indira Nagar on 27 August 2017. Headlined by Gotsu-Totsu-Kotsu. Tickets and entry details out now.

Artist Line up:

Gotsu-Totsu-Kotsu, Inner Sanctum, Breeding Machine, Anorectal Ulceration, Amorphia, Regicide.

Artists in videos:



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04 July 2017: Bangalore Death Fest 2017 was announced.

The Humming Tree

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