Brewdle 2017
  • Brewdle 2017

  • Genre : Electronic (Festivals)
  • Sat 11 Nov '17 to Sun 12 Nov '17
  • 12:00 pm to 10:00 pm
  • Phoenix Marketcity, Pune, Maharashtra, India
  • Entry: `750 Onwards
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Phoenix Marketcity presents Brewdle 2017

Pune is all set for a magical experience that combines Beer, Music, and Comedy. Brace yourself as Brewdle comes to Pune for 2 days filled with lots of excitement and fun. Brewdle will offer a truly unique experience to celebrate the finest craft beers. Brewdle will also set the stage for masters from various artistries to perform their magic and entice a spark of creativity. A memorable event for each one of us to be amused with endless entertainment, scrumptious food, groovy music and hilarious acts.

Attractions : 40+ styles of craft beer, Largest beer tournament with 32 teams competing in 5 rounds of Flip-cup, Beer Ball, Chug & Beer Pong, Beer pairing and brewing workshop, Doodle with VANS and recreate Bob Masse's work for Brewdle, Stand Up Comedy, Endless entertainment including Foosball, darts, and doodle arcade.

Festival Schedule

11 Nov Saturday

1:00 PM - Doors Open
2:00 PM - Beer 101 with JJ The Keg.
4:00 PM - Beer 101 with JJ The Keg.
7:30 PM - Kunal Kamra
8:00 PM - Paper Queen
8:40 PM - EZ Riser
9:20 PM - Malfnktion
10:00PM - Kumail
10:45PM - Oceantied

12 Nov Sunday

1:00 PM - Doors Open
2:00 PM - Beer 101 with JJ The Keg.
4:00 PM - Beer 101 with JJ The Keg.
6:00 PM - Komorebi
7:30 PM - Zoya
9:00 PM - Your Chin
10:00PM - Naezy

India! Get ready to experience happiness as Brewdle brings lots of music, fun, and beer to Dublin Square Phoenix Market City Pune from 11 - 12 November 2017. Venue, Tickets and entry details out now.  (Tap the 'Book button' to secure your entry) 

Artist Lineup:

Day1: Malfnktion, EZ Riser, Oceantied, Paper Queen, Kumail.

Day2:  Yourchin, Komorebi, Zoya, Naezy.

Artists in video playlist:





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Phoenix  Marketcity
Phoenix  Marketcity

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