At PartyOwl, we believe in providing the best in class user experience to music lovers and value to our partners. Our listing format & advertising model is a result of months of R&D. With our strategically placed ad spaces & branded placements on the website, we ensure that our partners are able to achieve the right brand awareness in front of an audience that consumes live music & events daily. Partners and Brands can take advantage of our advertising program and display their offering across premium ad spots on PartyOwl. This can result in increased awareness and conversions*.

Available ad sizes.

PartyOwl has ad slots of different sizes that are placed strategically throughout the platform to increase awareness and conversions*. The following sizes are available for advertising :

Desktop sizes available
Mobile Devices sizes available

Ad slots location.

Click here to see the locations of these ad slots.

Guidelines for creatives

  1. Creatives have to be shared by the advertiser/brand/organizer.
  2. Creatives should not have a file size of more than 40kb.
  3. Only png, jpeg, gif, html5 and 3rd party tags are allowed for standard creatives.
  4. The likeliness of a more user clicking on an ad is also attributed to it's design and how effectively it can mesmerize the user. The better the quality of ad, the more the conversions.
  5. All necessary files required to run an ad are to be shared by the advertiser. This includes Js, CSS, PSD, HTML files macros and iframe busters as well.

Pricing & Billing

Billing of ad campaigns are done on the following basis

  • CPM (Cost per Thousand)
  • CPD (Cost per Day)

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