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Being a Dedicated Music Event platform gives us an ever growing reach that can help lift your event/brand. The advantage of only hosting the best music events on our platform means that you get a loyal audience that not only converts once but can convert over and over again. With our focus on information, the audience gets every information that they desire at one place and then ultimately convert without giving any second thought. Over platform has been a result of an extensive R&D and is made for audience in India. There's no better way to push your music event to the right audience. An audience that spends more than 2 minutes on every event will get what you have to say.

FAQ {Frequently Asked Questions}

  • play_arrowWhat type of Events are Accepted?  
    Music Events where any musician playing/performing has their own original music and it's Good. In case the musician doesn't make their own original music, their cover, remix or performance have to be absolutely good. Events where artists/musician involved do not make quality music, their events are not accepted.
  • play_arrowWill you create profiles of all Musicians?  
    Profiles of only those artists will be made who make their own music. Even If the artists covers tracks or remixes them, the music has to be damn good to be eligible for a profile. Please note, package limit still applicable.
  • play_arrowMy Headliner is a performer and has no music of his own. Will you list my event?
    If any supporting artist/musician has their own original music or performs amazing remixes/covers, the event will go live. However, artist/musician profile will only be created for the supporting artists.
  • play_arrowWhat happens to an event page after the event is over?
    Event pages made on PartyOwl will remain foreover. They are a digital existence of your professional expertise and are never deleted. Moreover, Creator and artist profiles will also remain even after the event is over. You can use the creator profile as your portfolio.
  • play_arrowI want my event to be listed for free a day before it starts.
    All free event activations on PartyOwl require a 10 day notice period and cannot be listed after that. This means that, you will have to inform us 10 days before the event starts. To get an instant activation on the same business day, choose the Small Owl package.
  • play_arrowWhy Should I remove ads from my event listing?
    Ad space on our Platform might see ads from your competitors. This might prove ineffective as a visitor might move away from your event listing. To avoid this, removing ads is a very good choice. This way you are assured that ATF (Above the Fold), BTF (Below the Fold) and In content ads do not take away your potential ticket buyers.
  • play_arrowWhy Can't I list my own event?
    Adding an event involves a human touch and we maintain strict quality control on all the events that go live on our platform. Our parameters and protocol are drafted for music lovers and we excel in implementing those. Best results are obtained when these quality protocols are followed so that you get a high traction.
  • play_arrowWhat are branded placements and how do they work?
    Branded placements are locations on the website that can drive audience to your events effectively.
  • play_arrowMy Event is already Listed on PartyOwl. How can you help me?
    You can select our Individual Product Offering (IPO) starting at 499* and get them applied to your existing event.
Terms & Conditions
  1. Event listing is subject to Music quality of the artists.
  2. Packages with Ad Free will give 1 month of Ad Free Page. Beyond this limit, 499/month will have to be paid to remove ads.
  3. Impressions are only guranteed when events are activated minimum of 5 days before the start date.
  4. Branded Placements & Impressions are subject to availability. Availability might change before the order is made.
  5. * - Google rank is subject to keyword and competition factors.
  6. 100% Advance payment has to be made before availing any of the above services.
  7. The organizer agrees to share Content, pictures & relevant material related to the event.
  8. Priority activation doesn't include addition of musician profiles.
  9. The organizer agrees to have obtained all necessary copyrights and rights to all media.

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