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Accepted Music Event Formats

Music Festival

An event where music is the main attraction involving multiple artists and stages over one or more days.

Theme Festival

A festival where music is not an attraction but is part of the festival. It can be a food, bike or even an art festival.


A concert is an event centered around a musical performance by a single or a group of musicians.

Artist Tours

Tour involves one or more musician/event property travelling to multiple cities/countries.

Club Nights

A 1 day music event which takes place inside a club with musical performance by musician(s).

Music Workshops

It's a workshop that aims to impart knowledge of music and the industry to general people.

Music Awards

It's an event format where musicians are awarded for their contributions to the world of music.

Music Conference

It's a gathering of people to discuss trends in music and the practices to spread music knowledge.

College Festivals

It's a festival inside a College campus hosting one or multiple musicians and is open to General public.

2 Condition to List Event
music_note Only Music Event

Event should have Live music performance as a billed attraction.

queue_music Good Music

Artists performing should have composed their own music or amazing covers/mixes*.

Information inside an Event

A lot of things come together to make a music event. When all this information is segregated and refined, the end result is a perfectly crafted digital footprint of an event. This crafted footprint has the ability to increase conversion. Following is the information that goes inside an event on PartyOwl.


It includes event poster, concept & introduction, lineup and artists video.


It includes ticket details, age limits, T&C, package details, Venue layout and more.


This includes links to Artist profiles so that an individual can learn more about an artist.


This includes offerings, facilities & attractions at an event apart from music.


This includes venue related information like address, contact details & a map.


This includes the details of the organizers and their contact details.

How to List an event?

Standard event listings are free only if the details are shared 10 days before the event starts. For priority listing and promotional packages click here.

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