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We are a bunch of individuals working under one single roof with a single motivation of doing something for the world of music and the people who make it. Yes, we do have department and different people lead it, but hey, we hate hierarchy and love working together. Being a music based venture we bond with like minded people, people who know their music. Doesn't matter if you like Bieber, Sonu Nigam, Hardwell or Tool, if you know your music, you are in. We look for people who have a very particular set of skills. Skills that can help the music community and the fans. We actively hire full-time employees & Interns. So, if you fall under any of the below domains, you can send your resume to and we will write back to you.

If you know how to code good web & mobile apps, then you might have a place in our team. We look for geeks who have a vision to do the unthinkable in least number of HTTP request.

If you are a perfectionist and creativity is more than a drug to you, then you might have a place in our team. We actively look for people who can create/write epic creative/content.


Operations! A big part of our work involves operations. We need people in Quality, Research & Customer care. Our product line is very diverse and smooth operations are very critical.


Only for Music Lovers