Chill Top Festival 2018
  • Chill Top Festival 2018

  • Genre : Electronic & Dance (Festivals)
  • Fri 23 Feb '18 to Sun 25 Feb '18
  • 03:00 pm to 10:00 pm
  • Hill Top (Goa), Goa, Goa, India
  • Entry: `1,920 Onwards
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Hilltop Agency presents Chill Top Festival 2018

The frequencies are lining up and this next edition is where we go deeper into the realms of Space and at the same time celebrate our Earth. ChillTop Festival is an initiative with a showcase of Chill Out, Ambient & DownTempo frequencies. This is a gathering of curious minds, chill lovers and music explorers from all around our lovely bobbing blue planet. We have carefully selected, what we think, is quite a diverse selection of psychedelic chill sounds that will keep you smiling and grinning well into the night. With many years in the making, this festival focuses on the concept of balance within and we definitely hope it matures into a platform for many creative ideas to convert into actual realities. We do feel the worldwide change happening, a shift in consciousness where new ideas are the most powerful tools that can shape our world, our music, our concepts. Our attempt at this Festival is to bring together many tribes and collectively move into the realm of exploration - both inner and outer space. We invite you to smile, move and groove with us as we bring this 2nd edition into what some call the organic center of the Psychedelic Mandala - Goa. This is where a lot of us call home and this is where we place our diverse roots deep into the powerful land with our thoughts, music, arts, and culture.

A strange hybrid of electronic manipulation and shamanic midgets with frozen digits squeezing the envelope and crawling through the doors of perception, find a new pair of dice...extra numbers and colors an infinite expanding bubble, filled with a bizarre, strange world of dripping hallucinatory wallpaper, a garden of earthly delights, Welcome to Shpongleland! A place of well being, and reflective surfaces, morphing like an Anacondas skin and shimmering like a million color changing squid, at fifty fathoms, truly unfathomable like separating water from its wetness, the Ineffable Mysteries unweave. Shpongle is a psychedelic downtempo or Psybient music project. The members are Simon Posford (aka Hallucinogen) and Raja Ram (one-third of The Infinity Project). Simon takes care of the production, instrumentation, and programming, while Raja Ram is the flutist and Cunning Linguist. They DJ separately and together, Simon having just completed 52 shows in the USA touring with a visual extravaganza known as 'The Shpongletron'.

A full time internationally touring solo artist, a studio producer in demand and a respected musical innovator, Gaudi has had chart hits, gold discs and awards & nominations for his work; he has released 14 solo albums, more than 250 productions and 110 remixes to his name and his tracks feature on more than 120 compilations. There is, however, no resting on laurels for this London-based, international bassman.

A composer & sound designer, Dj, and co-owner of Ultimate records. An electronic activist since teenagehood, he was also one of the founding members of ASURA. Bass player and singer in several coldwave and industrial bands, he then moved on to composing with machines. Specialized in sampling and layering of acoustic sounds digitally transmuted.  His music brings a fusion between the British Progressive feel and the traditional American Space Music; with sounds anchored in the psychedelic realm freely flowing into a morning Downtempo trance, tribal or smashed rhythms. Creating music which offers multiple listening possibilities, He is Vincent Villuis aka AES Dana

India! Get ready to chill and dance as Hilltop agency brings Chilltop Festival with an array of talented musical minds to make you go crazy, live in Goa at Hilltop Goa, Vagator on 23, 24 and 25 February 2018, 12 pm onwards. Tickets and entry details out now! (Tap the 'Book button' to secure your entry).

Artist Lineup:

23 Feb: Shpongle, Loopus in Fabula, Lucas in Chill, Jovishnu, Shantam, Ambient Astronaut.

24 Feb: Aes Dana, 1200Mics, DJ Polyesta, Transalento, Blue Orb, Liminal Roots.

25 Feb: Gaudi, Kukan Dub Lagan, Dakta Dub, Goatika in Chill, Boombaba.

Artists in video playlist:

23 Feb

24 Feb

25 Feb


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06 Feb 2018: Lineup was announced.
02 Jan 2018: Shpongle, Aes Dana, Kukan Dub Lagan were added to the lineup.
10 Sep 2017: Chill top Festival 2018 was announced.

Hill Top (Goa)
  • Hill Top (Goa)
  • Main Vagator Hill, Beach Road, Bardez, Near Football Ground, Goa, Goa, 403509, India.
  • 04:00 PM - 05:00 AM
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