Demonic Resurrection India Tour 2018
  • Demonic Resurrection India Tour 2018

  • Genre : Metal(Tours)
  • Sun 08 Apr '18 to Sat 28 Apr '18
  • INDIA, Multiple, India, India
  • Tour Canceled
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Demonstealer presents Demonic Resurrection India Tour 2018

Important Update: DR India Tour has been canceled.

Cradle of Filth, Dimmu Borgir, Emperor, Depresy, Cannibal Corpse are some of the bands that have influenced them. They describe their music as blackened death metal, though it can also be called symphonic black metal. Use of signature black and death metal motifs like growling vocals shrieked vocals, highly distorted guitars played with tremolo picking, blast beats and double bass drumming along with ambient keyboards and clean vocal passages often serving as a bridge between two heavy parts are prevalent. All through the "Darkness" trilogy, they have stayed clear of the purist tags and their latest release sees their music as a mixture of black and death metal with elements of power metal easily visible, most notably attributed to acts like Blind Guardian and Angra. With Demonstealer aka Sahil Makhija on Vocals, Guitars & Keys, Nishith Hegde on Lead Guitars, Ashwin Shriyan on Bass and Virendra Kaith on Drums, they are Demonic Resurrection.

Demonic Resurrection has been around for a long time and this April DR completes their 18 years and to celebrate this occasion with you, they have planned a Mega 4 City India Tour. The tour will go through Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mumbai on 8, 13, 15, 22, April 2018 respectively.

The most exciting thing about this tour is, It's Crowdfunded (Yes! You can also contribute). As a band, Demonic Resurrection has always delivered quality. Whether it's been their gigs or their albums, they've always worked hard to make their fans feel they got their money's worth. And it's just not about the money. The experience, the knowledge that you get is priceless. To make this tour happen the band is really putting loads of efforts, arranging everything from scratch, making sure the real fans of their music don't miss their performance, no matter from which part of the country they come from. To know more do check out this video where The Demonstealer himself explains the thought process behind it:   

Metalheads in India! It's time to celebrate and appreciate 18 years of Demonic Resurrection. A band which put India on the map when it comes to Metal. It's time for every mosher and metalhead in the country to unite and make this tour a big success, don't miss your chance to be a part of this Metal Revolution headed by Demonic Resurrection and crafted by you; The Demonic Army.

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Artist Lineup:

Demonic Resurrection

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Following are the cities where Demonic Resurrection India Tour 2018 will go.
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    New Delhi Gig Demonic Resurrection Live pic
    Demonic Resurrection Live

    Sun 08 Apr1 Day

    New Delhi 1 Day
  • Xplore/Book
    Hyderabad Gig Demonic Resurrection Live pic
    Demonic Resurrection Live

    Fri 13 Apr1 Day

    Hyderabad 1 Day
  • Xplore/Book
    Bangalore Gig Demonic Resurrection Live pic
    Demonic Resurrection Live

    Sun 15 Apr1 Day

    Bangalore 1 Day
  • Xplore/Book
    Mumbai Gig Demonic Resurrection w/ Special Guests pic
    Demonic Resurrection w/ Special Guests

    Sun 22 Apr1 Day

    Mumbai 1 Day
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11 Mar 2018: Indore, Kochi, Guwahati, Pune dropped from Demonic Resurrection India Tour 2018.
24 Feb 2018: Demonic Resurrection India Tour 2018 was announced.


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