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Demonic Resurrection describes their music as blackened death metal, though it can also be called symphonic black metal. Cradle of Filth, Dimmu Borgir, Emperor, Depresy, Cannibal Corpse are some of the bands that have influenced the band from the earliest albums.Use of signature black and death metal motifs like growling vocals shrieked vocals, highly distorted guitars played with tremolo picking, blast beats and double bass drumming along with ambient keyboards and clean vocal passages often serving as a bridge between two heavy parts is prevalent. All through the "Darkness" trilogy, Demonic Resurrection have stayed clear of the purist tags and their latest release sees their music as a mixture of black and death metal with elements of power metal easily visible, most notably attributed to acts like Blind Guardian and Angra. 

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    Guwahati Multi Genre Music Festival Forkaal Music Festival 2017 pic
    Forkaal Music Festival 2017

    Sat 23 Sep, Guwahati at 03:00 pm2 Day

    Multi Genre 2 Day Music Festival
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    Mumbai Metal Gig Roots Presents: Tribute to Pantera by Zygnema & Friends pic
    Roots Presents: Tribute to Pantera by Zygnema & Friends

    Sun 20 Aug, Mumbai at 08:00 pm1 Day

    Metal 1 Day Gig
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    Mumbai Indie Gig For Papa Rock- A Tribute to Amit Saigal  pic
    For Papa Rock- A Tribute to Amit Saigal

    Thu 06 Jul, Mumbai at 09:00 pm1 Day

    Indie 1 Day Gig

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