Exclusive In Conversation with PillZaxX

  • Partyowl
  • 18 May 2016
  • 4 min

India is a land of musicians & artists with a rich cultural heritage. However, only few have dared to move away from the monotony of life and choose music as a career. When big artists are bringing glory home, there are some who will change the game in future.

He’s a Chennai based producer whose producing & playing Bass, Trap & Dubstep music. Known for his collabs with Ragga Twins & others,
He’s PillZaxX

Exclusive In Conversation with PillZaxX

PillZaxX, a favorite in his hometown and his music is already making waves across the subcontinent. We got a chance to have a conversation with him about his musical journey.

So you got into DJing at the age of 14 which is six years back from now. You started at 2010 which is a bit ahead from the EDM scene which became turned into a huge thing in India, who were your influences back those days?

Yes , It all started Back in 2009 . I used to be fan of Pop and Hip-Hop and listened to artist such as The black eyed peas , Akon,  Usher, Eminem, etc. One fine day, I was just surfing through my Channel’s and saw DAVID GUETTA(s) – Sexy Bitch play for the first time ever. That was the moment I actually  got introduced to the whole concept of the Electronic Dance Culture. So, I was Influenced by David Guetta in the beginning!

Tell us about how you got into the scene of Trap, Dubstep and Bass?

Well, I’ve always wanted to keep dropping the bass and do a lot of things while I play a Set as in lots of Effects, chops, Scratches, etc. When I used to play as CANDYFLIP, I tried doing many things on the same Genre (i.e) Electro house; Bigroom. It would all end up as a disaster. However, in November 2014, I heard a trap mix made by DJ Bl3ND (my first ever) and that got me into researching and exploring Trap / Dubstep/Bass music. This made me realize that introducing lots of Effects, chops, Scratches wouldn’t matter. So I’ve been sticking on to that since then !

You’re recent tracks seem to have some slow trap beat to it compared with your previous tracks that have a lot of energy and adrenaline. Are you experimenting with new genres? If so, what are the genres that you’re looking forward to get into?

 Yes ! Unlike my EP, ZAKED which is mostly packed with Dubstep , I’ve been trying to get those 808’s on my set list. NueroTrap and NueroDubstep is trending all over the world now. That is what I’m getting into as well. But I like to surprise my following all the time with an Indian element or genre I don’t usually do. So, NueroDubstep is what that’s caught me at the moment !

You have collaborated with few artists to produce sound tracks. Do you think it allows you to explore more about the music and can you share your personal thoughts about it?

 I Have Collaborated with MALFNKTION, sheryl (Singer from El Fé), Fellow Label buddies Lil Phil , DJ SYNcC & Ragga twins. As an artist, It helps you learn a lot about the other artist’s music/lifestyle. We all Share the same Vibe which is music. So, it definitely helps us in learning and exploring.

Which artist are you looking forward to work with?

It would be awesome to get together with NUCLEYA or SiCKFLIP. I have Immense respect for both of them !

Youngsters today are choosing music production as a career today? What do you think about it?

Since I Run a Record Label (DelToid Records), We see lots of talent from all over the world. India being on top though. It involves a lots of learning; either it is DJ-ing or Producing Music. Not to many schools in India offer quality education for Music production. But Its really awesome to see, so many youngsters together for one thing.

Tell us about your upcoming tracks?

 There are gonna be a lots of VIP’s from Zaked. Also, a new remix of a autoerotique track. Plus have 3 rap collaborations coming up in the next three months, among which Smokey the ghost from Banglore would be featured in a track. I also got Jack Styles (who is also my label mate) on a track. I’m also doing a  track with a very special rapper who I’ve looked up on since I was 10. So yes, I have no plans to stop any time soon.

Here’s a Single by Pillzaxx. Enjoy the massive Dub Yatra

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