FiveSixZero on Tour
  • FiveSixZero on Tour

  • Genre : Electronic & Dance (Gigs)
  • Sun 05 Nov '17 to Sun 05 Nov '17
  • 06:00 pm to 11:30 pm
  • HyLife Brewing Company, Hyderabad, Telangana, India
  • Entry: `1,500 Onwards
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Bangalore Mirror presents FiveSixZero on Tour

FiveSixZero - Bangalore very own music festival travel down to Hyderabad for its tour edition. The 1 Day concept plans to hold a night of electronic dance music with amazing artists at the Hylife Brewing Company on 5th November. This is the first time that FiveSixZero has ventured out from Bangalore. The festival which hosted its first edition last year was one of the most anticipated festivals of this year. With their lineup yet to be announced, we are very excited to hear more about it.

So Hyderabad! Get ready to dance as FiveSixZero goes on Tour and comes to your city for an exclusive night of jaw-dropping music and madness at the Hylife Brewing Company on 5th November 2017. Venue, Tickets and entry details out now.  (Tap the 'Book button' to secure your entry) 

Artist Lineup:

WolfPack, Christina Novelli, Daddy's Groove.  Fedde Le Grand, Answer.

Artist in videos:


Christina Novelli

Dadddy's Groove

Fedde Le Grand



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01 Oct 2017: Answer was added to the lineup.

30 Sep 2017: Fedde Le Grand was added to the lineup.

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26 Sep 2017: WolfPack was added to the lineup.

23 Sep 2017: FiveSixZero on Tour was announced.

HyLife Brewing Company

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