Burst Festival with FOBI
  • Burst Festival with FOBI

  • Genre : Psy & Trance (Festivals)
  • Fri 20 Apr '18 to Sat 21 Apr '18
  • 04:20 pm to 04:20 am
  • Off The Grid, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
  • Entry: `1,000 Onwards
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Burst Festival Entertainment presents Burst Festival with FOBI

He started listening to psytrance about 1997, at one of the most amazing musical peaks in this music industry and was immediately captured by it. The music from that period is still very inspiring to him. After just listening to psytrance for about 3 years, he decided to kick things off himself and he started DJ-ing. With incredible dedication and discipline, he wrote an endless amount of mind-blowing tunes. His music has been described as a brilliant fusion of the more morning-oriented melodies as well as the nasty sick growly noises that are so typical for nighttime psytrance. This man blends them both together in a delicious delicate mixture, which is guaranteed to propel you into an oozing orbit. Born and raised in Macedonia, transforming his inspiration and dreams into wonderful music. He is Darko Velkovski aka Fobi.

TERRA is a new psytrance project by Bar Levy, 25 years old producer from Israel, he brings the full power trance with his own blending and coloring, with full-on vibes and progressive buildups. His latest release 'Kundalini' was released on Nutek records in January 2018 and is a must listen. So scroll down below for eargasms! 

Dhrupad is a vocal genre in Hindustani classical music, said to be the oldest still in use in that musical tradition. Its name is derived from the words "Dhruva" (fixed) and "Pada" (words). Dhrupad is a psychedelic music project by Dhrupad Bhide!! The beginning of the psychedelic world and would be composing more of Darkpsy, Spiritual, hi-tech. and Psychedelic music!! Dhrupad has been exploring the various genre of psychedelic music, experimenting by mixing the styles in psychedelic music. Since childhood, he has been exposed to Classical Hindustani Music. He is also a Freelance Lead Guitarist and has been Practicing Tabla for more than 10 years.

Cykonaut aka Nikhil Solanki, got introduced to the psytrance scene in the year 2011. After experimenting with a range of sounds for four years in different sub-genres from hi-tech to psy-chill, Cykonaut came up with his debut EP “Locale One” via Mathematician Records(FL, USA). It was mastered by Stewart Emery aka “Math Dealer”. This Full-on Ep got rave reviews in the local circuit as it has incorporated twisted melodies representing the psychic locale this psychonaut has explored. Over the years, Cykonaut has played across India and shared the stage with known psychedelic artists like Kashyyyk, Space Buddha, Fobi, Jovis aka Pink Man. 

India! Get ready to dance your heart out as this April, Fobi returns to India. Burst Festival Entertainment is bringing this psytrance wizard to Mumbai for a live performance. Be a part of this celebration, Burst Festival at Off The Grid, opposite Infinity Mall, Andheri West, on Friday 20 April 2018, 4:20 PM onwards! 

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Artist Lineup:

FOBI,  Antariksh, Terra,  Dhrupad,  Cykonaut,  Vaxiz,  Dattal, Fractal Dimension, Jay Ramani

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30 Mar 2018: Burst festival Venue changed from Neos to The Off Grid 
30 Mar 2018: Terra, Jay Ramani, fractal Dimension added to line up.
18 Mar 2018: Burst Festival with FOBI was announced.

Off The Grid
  • Off The Grid
  • G - 5, Morya Landmark 1, Plot B - 25, Off Link Road, Opposite Infinity Mall, Andheri West, Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400053, India.
  • 12:00 AM - 12:00 AM
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