Freedom Blast 2017
  • Freedom Blast 2017

  • Genre : Psy & Trance (Festivals)
  • Fri 11 Aug '17 to Tue 15 Aug '17
  • 06:00 pm to 04:00 pm
  • Nyex Beach Club, Goa, Goa, India
  • Entry: `2,000 Onwards
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2 Brothers & Nyex Beach Club presents Freedom Blast 2017

Time to plan that trip to Goa. This year is going to be amazing as Freedom Blast, the biggest psytrance festival of India is back with a mind blowing line up. From Mad tribe to Mad Maxx, 2 Brothers have a lot in store for you. Freedom Blast 2017 is an ensemble of Psy & Trance artist who will spin high octane music for 5 straight days. Freedom blast will see artists like Technical Hitch, Oxidkashi, Madtribe, Madmaxx and many others. Many of these artists are from big Labels that constantly churn out good music. The festival is like any other Psychedelic Trance Festival but the barrage of artists spread over 5 days make it a perfect Independence Week.  So start making those plans and this August get ready to rave like you've never before. 

In the case, you're wondering what went down last year, here it is

Freedom blast 2017 will take place at Nyex Beach Club, Goa from 11 August to 15 August 2017. Tickets and other entry details out now.

Important updates: Timings for Day 4 - 10 AM to 10 PM

Artist Lineup: (Check the poster above for day wise lineup)

OxiDaksi, Technical Hitch, Space Tribe, Mandragora, Mimic Vat, Spacetribe, Symbolic, Middlemode, Mentalecho, Mad Tribe, Rezonant, Mad Maxx, Pantomiman, Technical Hitch vs OxiDaksi, Acoustamind, Antariksh, Audiogramme, Aditya, Beyond Repair, Braindrop, Bubbleguns, Chinx, Chakraview, Cosmic Oneness, DarkHabbit, Dee, Dev, Demonic Dreamz, Fluroneuro, Fractal Dimension, Gabaascape, Grey Aathma, Grizzly, Groove Addict, Gurudev, Hoppit, Hydropanic, Jay Ramani, Kriamika, Karran Khanna, KT, Madlyte, Manoj, Manvantara, Metaforik, Moontripper, Missy K, Moss, Nika, Night Vision, Orion Project, Psydel, PTB, Psycatrick, PSYF, Psyclipse, Psyccosis, Raavas, Rikin, Sonic, Subnormal, Sine Psyacoustica, Triptone, V-Society, Vial, Vedant, Vibrant, Vooroo Jack, White Wizard, Wired Control, Wicked Ninja, Yumi Monoke, Zaravan, Zhannet, Zwitterion and many more.

Artists in videos:



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09 August 2017: Day wise Line up announced.

18 May 2017: Early Bird tickets Sold out.

18 May 2017Tickets are live.
09 May 2017: Freedom Blast 2017 line up out.

10 March 2017: Freedom Blast 2017 added.

Nyex Beach Club
Nyex Beach Club

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