Future Sound ft. Module Virus
  • Future Sound ft. Module Virus

  • Genre : Psy & Trance (Gigs)
  • Sat 10 Mar '18 to Sat 10 Mar '18
  • 02:00 pm to 01:00 am
  • VR Bengaluru, Bangalore, Karnataka, India
  • Entry: `999 Onwards
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Agartha Records presents Future Sound ft. Module Virus

Born in Portugal, at the age of 14 he started developing his passion and building his knowledge of electronic music such as techno, drum & bass, chill out, ambient, and mainly psytrance. In 2002 he started playing DJ sets around the UK and began his journey into production and performing live sets. He signed to Bom Shanka Music in 2009 and released his 1st EP "Synthetic Slingshot" in 2012 after the success of is first EP, his 1st Album Harmonic Substances released in 2013, and the second album in 2015. He is Bruno Miguel Oliveira aka Module Virus.

Fast gaining popularity in the French and Global psychedelic scene is Maïtika, a Progressive Psytrance project created by two young producers Jocelin Varlet & Nicolas Lavenue, old friends sharing the same passion for music since their childhood. In 2013 they decided to create the Maïtika project to mix their desires, enrich their knowledge and share their vision of music with the world. Their productions have since then been turning heads around the world and took to the notice of renowned label from India, Digital Om Productions who they joined ranks as label Live Act.

A music producer and DJ based in New Delhi, India, specializing in progressive trance. His live/DJ sets can range from dark, intelligent and techy to lush, quirky and fun depending on the environment and atmosphere. He spent seven years living in Australia from 2003. The diversity of the people and music at the parties and festivals he attended, alongside the extreme vastness and untouched beauty of the country, became a huge influence on his subsequent music production and DJ sets. In 2014 he signed as the official Zenon Records DJ in India and can be found playing cutting-edge sets representing this sound at parties and festivals both inside and outside of India. Currently working on his third studio album and a brand new live set, He is Vaibhav Bhavsar aka Vaeya.

A versatile electronic music producer and one of India’s most popular exports to the underground electronic music world and one of the scene's most unique, versatile and eclectic producer/DJ. Since his debut in 2005, he has extensively performed throughout Asia, Europe, North America, South America at various clubs and festivals. He is also the owner of Occulta Records Group, he is Sumith Suresh aka Braindrop

India! Following a mammoth of an adventure last year with names like Liquid Soul, Ace Ventura, Zen Mechanics, Vini Vici, Ajja, 1200 mics & the legendary GMS under their belt, Future Sound is back with 2 stages and 12 Hours of Music for its first outing in 2018! Be a part Of Future Sound Music Festival in Bangalore at Skydeck, VR Bengaluru on 10 March 2018, 2 PM onwards. Tickets and entry details out now. (Tap the 'Book button' to secure your entry).

Artist Lineup:

Alternative Stage:

Phase Shift (2 PM - 3 PM), Air Walker (3 PM - 4 PM), Synster (4 PM - 5 PM), Doctor Does (5 PM - 6 PM).

Main Stage:

ADU (6 PM - 7 PM), Vaeya & Braindrop (7 PM - 8 PM), Maitika (8 PM - 9 PM), Nitin (9 PM - 10 PM)Module Virus (10 PM - 11:30 PM), Varun (11:30 PM - closing).

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23 Feb 2018: Future Sound ft. Module Virus was announced.

VR Bengaluru

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