HeadParty V.5.0
  • HeadParty V.5.0

  • Genre : Metal (Gigs)
  • Thu 26 Apr '18 to Thu 26 Apr '18
  • 08:00 pm to 12:00 am
  • Turquoise Cottage, New Delhi, Delhi, India
  • Entry: `299 Onwards
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Unbolly Inc presents HeadParty V.5.0

Mumbai-based traditional heavy metal quintet Albatross is a band that combines bone-chilling stories with bone-crushing metal. The band started out as the solo project of bassist Riju Dasgupta (Workshop, Old Monks) who wanted to marry his love of literature with his other love: metal. Later on, a lineup of like-minded musicians was standardized, Biprorshee Das on Vocals, Vigneshkumar Venkatraman on Guitars, Nishith Hegde on Guitars, Jay Thacker on Drums, and Dr. Hex aka Rijudas Gupta on Bass and Albatross was born. The band released the critically acclaimed 'Dinner is You', a concept EP about cannibalism and the Kuru disease, which was mastered by Grammy-nominated Swedish producer Andy LaRocque from King Diamond, in September 2010. In 2012, Albatross released ‘The Kissing Flies’ EP as part of a split CD with American doom metal band Vestal Claret to critical acclaim. This EP features contributions from famed luminaries such as Niklas 'Viper' Stalvind (Wolf), The Demonstealer (Demonic Resurrection) and Murari Vasudevan (Rat King). Albatross has supported legendary bands like Kreator and Wolf in the recent past and besides being a regular in the Indian live circuit did a successful three-city tour of Australia in 2013. 

India! Unbolly Inc is back with the Vol 5 of much awaited Head Party. And this time they are back with the bang, get ready to mosh and headbang like never before as The Circus, Albatross, and A+ B  perform their sets live in Delhi at Turquoise Cottage, Green Park on 26 April 2018, 9 PM onwards.

Venue, Tickets and entry details out now.  (Tap the 'Book button' to secure your entry) 

Artist Lineup:

The Circus, Albatross, A+B

Artists in videos:


The Circus


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27 Mar 2018: Head Party Vol 5.0 was announced.

Turquoise Cottage

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