Horizons Festival 2017
  • Horizons Festival 2017

  • Genre : Electronic (Festivals)
  • Fri 01 Dec '17 to Sun 03 Dec '17
  • 12:30 pm to 10:00 pm
  • Waters Beach Lounge & Grill, Goa, , India
  • Entry: Coming Soon
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SDKONCEPTS presents Horizons Festival 2017

Horizons is embarking on a journey of music, dance and revelry for all the evolved minds seeking quality in their clubbing experience. With support from Frisky Radio and several artists and DJs from around the world, HORIZONS will be a much needed shot in the arm for the clubbing community of India. With the sole intention of bringing forward musically enriching night outs, HORIZONS will be held at regular intervals across India, starting with the first festival on 1, 2, and 3 of December 2017 at Waters, Vagator Beach, Goa. Horizons is the brainchild of Sanjay Dutta, a DJ and a clubber since the late 80s. One of the pioneers of the electronic music scene in India, he says that everything starts with a dream and he sees his dreams manifest to reality in Horizons. Tickets and entry details to be out soon.

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Artist Lineup:

Phase 1: Ankytrixx, Bullzeye, Cosmonaut, Elia, Paul Sparkes, Stelios Vassiloudis.

Phase 2: Beat2, Collective Frequency, Dharmalogy, Helium Project, Moscada, Pal-E, Priya, Rudra, Shaun Moses, Varun Fernandes.

Phase 3: Akshit Shetty, Amol Reon, Freaktune, Pitchbender, Priyanjana, Sanjay Dutta, Shamanic & Greyscale, Sonorum, Vijay Arora.

Artists in video playlist:


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28 Oct 2017: Horizon Festival was announced.

Waters Beach Lounge & Grill
  • Waters Beach Lounge & Grill
  • Plot No.18, Ozran Beach,Vagator,Anjuna, Goa, , 403509, India.
  • 12:00 AM - 12:00 AM
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