In Conversation with Dash Berlin

  • Partyowl
  • 25 Apr 2016
  • 5 min

The recently concluded Vh1Supersonic with Dash Berlin was a huge success as it brought Trance fans from across the nation together. Dash berlin was at his best after playing a great set at Ultra. He gave the Dashers what he wanted - a great Dash treat. The tour concluded on 17th April. We had a candid talk with him and here's the entire story.

In Conversation with Dash Berlin

With a lot of International music festivals such as Sensation and Amsterdam Dance Event stepping their foot into India, how big do you think the Electronic music scene has become over here?

I consider the party on the scale, maybe not as big as  Tomorrowland, but its big. So I think there is definitely interest for it here in India. The cool thing about India is that dance music has been here for a really long time. But its like under the radar. So the people who know, they know. People who don’t know they would never know. But its been here for such a long time. 

Now the question arises why. It’s not necessarily what I feel or what I want, it’s what the people here in India want. What they feel is more fulfilling for their moment of going out, their moment of partying, their moment of meeting new people. There can be on a  traditional Indian party, they can also be on a dance party. I think there are fantastic promoters here in india who work very hard in difficult and hard circumstances, trying to squeeze out the best picture, I get local artists to interact with here, I get international artists here. They create a good atmosphere for the people which are the most important. When people are happy, that’s where I also am happy.

How has been the reception for Dash Berlin in India so far? You seem to have a fan base which is pretty matured and deep rooted to the EDM scene, your views on it?

Well, I don’t think so much in differences of regions when talking about people who listen to me. I think in similarities and I think what makes the fans here the same as everywhere in the world is, that they really enjoy, embrace and they live electronic dance music. They really strongly connect to it; just like I do. That’s something what brings us together as one big heart and family.

Are you working on any track right now? Can you tell us something about it?

We have been working on a new album, which is called “We Are”Part II. About one and a half year ago we had “We Are”Part I, and this is going to be a second part of the album.

Trance seems to have pretty much evolved in today’s world. It has become a bit more progressive than ever. What are your thoughts about it?

It is a cycle. So it will return in some kind of form where people can say- ‘hey! I know this is trance, it almost sounds a little different but its trance to me.’ That’s what happens with dance music in general so it comes in ways and phases. So maybe this time it’s a phase of trance again, like people like to see trance, but I have also said that coming here to india, I see trance is a way bigger musical genre than most of the others. And that’s becomes from a  very slow range, a little more progressive, sounding a little bit more on the ground, but it still has beautiful melodies where you can trance out in a way.

Last question. Any message you would like to say to Avicii since he is retiring?

Yeah, it isn’t really that easy. I think Avicii is a great great artist, I tweeted this to him as well. I’ve met him a couple of times. there is no job more important than you own health.

Thank you Dash!, we wish you a successful year ahead.

Here's his set from Ultra Music Festival.


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