Exclusive : In Conversation with Hasit Nanda

  • Partyowl
  • 22 Feb 2016
  • 4 min

He's the only Indian to have been applauded by major EDM & Dance music producer/dj in the world. Meet Hasit Nanda; India's sensational Piano Wizards who's piano covers of bollywood & EDM tracks have earned him respect & a deal from Ultra Records. Tiesto, Nicky Romero, KSHMR, Hardwell along with endless others have appreciated his work.  We talked about music, his journey & his future plans.

Exclusive : In Conversation with Hasit Nanda

How did you start your musical career and what challenges did you face?

I first started playing the piano when I was four years old. I was at pre-school and my teacher told my parents that I could play with both hands and that I must train to learn the instrument. So I learned Indian classical music for several years and mostly self trained to become a pianist. It had become my passion and that was what I’ve always wanted to do. One of the major challenges in an Indian family is to convince your family that you don’t want to be a doctor or an engineer or anything like that. However, my parents have been supportive throughout and that has been one of my strengths.

Your covers have been appreciated by major DJ’s. How do you feel about that?

I feel immensely fortunate that they have found my covers worthy of praise and I feel that all the hard work I’ve put in is working out. Their support helps me believe that all the sacrifices I’ve made are all worth it.

You’ve been signed up by Ultra Records. How has the experience been so far? Do you have single/album of your own coming up?

It was one of the best moments for me when Ultra Records signed me for being featured in their after movie. The experience has been great and I feel lucky to be a part of something big like that. I do work on a lot of my own stuff, but for now I’m focusing more on my covers to build a very strong base that would listen to what I have to offer when the time shall come for it.  

How do you choose which track to cover?

I usually check out all the new and unreleased songs on radio shows and live events and choose my favorite ones from them. I'd jam on them and then decide which one to pick. I love playing with nice chords progressions.

Who has been your inspiration in the music industry? Do you look up to any artist?

Every body, right from Rahman sir to Ruddess to Hardwell have inspired me in some aspect of my music. The very thought that they started from zero and now they're at the top right now inspires me. Not just musicians, I get my inspiration from watching other YouTubers and nature too.

One artist you’d wish to collaborate?

One artist I’d like to collaborate with would be Hardwell. I’ve been a fan of his and I like the way he makes music. It would be an honor if I get to work with him. I also would love to collaborate with Ellie Goulding.

Do you have any live shows planned this year?

 I don’t know. Let’s see how the year unfolds. Once I cross 100k subscribers on my YouTube channel, I might plan to do some live events.

2015 has been a great year for you. Describe it in one word?

Rewarding is the word I’ll say.

That's it folks. This was Noida's Piano Wizard Hasit Nanda. PartyOwl Wishes him a best of luck for this future and may the force be strong with him :) 
Here's the latest cover by Hasit - Hardwell & Afrojack - Hollywood. Enjoy it !!

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