Friday Electronica with Joey Dale
  • Friday Electronica with Joey Dale

  • Genre : Electronic & Dance (Gigs)
  • Fri 04 Aug '17 to Fri 04 Aug '17
  • 10:00 pm to 01:00 am
  • Privee, New Delhi, Delhi, India
  • Entry: By Guestlist
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Privee present Friday Electronica with Joey Dale

He started producing house music at the age of 16 and shortly after releasing his first track on a small label, he instantly knew this was his passion. Supported by his friends and family in the beginning days, his productions slowly drew the attention of the bigger DJ's in the scene. In 2011 he graduated from his high school and after that, years of producing, meetings, experience and a lot of learning went by and finally in 2013 he got his first release on Spinnin' Records. After that, he visited a lot of studios, met many fellow colleagues and made tons of new music. With his signing to Stars Agency in the last months of 2013, many doors opened for him. He is ready to rock your world!  With a lot of great new music coming up on the biggest labels in the world, He is Joey Dale

India! Get ready to dance as Privee presents Friday Electronica with Joey Dale Live at Privee, Shangri-La Hotel, New Delhi on 4th August 2017. Artists lineup out. Tickets, Guestlist and entry details out now.

Artist Lineup:

Joey Dale, Cosmos x Zorax, Ukato x JK, Sick & Sane x Gallaxr.

Artists in videos:



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28 July 2017: Ticket details were added.
27 July 2017: Friday Electronica with Joey Dale was announced.

16 July 2017: Joey Dale India Tour was announced.


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