Johnny Osbourne Live
  • Johnny Osbourne Live

  • Genre : Reggae (Gigs)
  • Thu 18 Jan '18 to Thu 18 Jan '18
  • 09:00 pm to 12:00 am
  • The Humming Tree, Bangalore, Karnataka, India
  • Entry: `500 Onwards
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Goa Sunsplash presents Johnny Osbourne Live

He's one of the most popular reggae and dancehall artists of all time, that rose to popularity as early as in 70's and 80's. He's an author of such immortal tunes as "Truths and Rights", "Jah Promise", "Buddy Bye" based on King Jammy's Sleng Teng riddim, "Ice Cream Love" and "Water Pumping". A popular Jamaican reggae and dancehall singer, who rose to success in the late 1970s and mid-1980s. During 1967 he became lead vocalist of The Wildcats, from which his debut single, "All I Have Is Love", was released. In 1969 he recorded an album, Come Back Darling, again for Riley. An artist that needs no introduction, He is Johnny Osbourne!

After having worked as reggae specialists at the notorious Patate records shop in Paris, the early core of Soul Stereo, Jamaican music buffs Fatta and Reecko, decided to take the next step and start their own sound system in 1998. Following the success of that early gig at le Divan du Monde, they'd go on and fill up all of France's capital best clubs for the years to come as the resident DJs and selectors. They have since gone on the road and have played no less than 1,500 shows all over France and Europe: Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Israel, Scandinavia, you name it. Earning along the way such a reputation of excellence that many artists have trodded along and grabbed the mic for Soul Stereo -the most famous include Junior Kelly, Luciano, Mikey General, Morgan Heritage, Lone Ranger, King Kong, John Wayne, Reggie Stepper, U Brown, Max Romeo, Rod Taylor, Earl Sixteen, Dennis Al Capone, Frankie Paul, Tony Roots, Nerius Joseph, Lyricson and many local artists.

Delhi Sultanate & Begum X are at the forefront of the Indian reggae scene. They are the lead singers of award winning band The Ska Vengers and owners of 1 out of 2 only existing sound systems in South Asia - Bass Foundation roots Sound System (BFR). Delhi Sultanate also owe a trust called Word Sound Power that works on collaborations with revolutionary musicians in India and has produced award winning films.

India! Goa Sunsplash is bringing the Reggae and Dancehall Legend Johnny Osbourne to India for a 5 City Tour. He'll we performing live in Bangalore at The Humming Tree, Indira Nagar on 18 January 2018. Tickets and entry details out now. (Tap the 'Book button' to secure your entry)

Artist Lineup:

Johnny Osbourne, Soul Stereo Soundsystem, Delhi Sultanate & Begum X

Artists in videos:

Johnny Osbourne



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11 Jan 2017: Entry details & lineup were added.
27 Dec 2017: Johnny India Tour was announced.

The Humming Tree

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