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Protocols Governing Listing

Only Music Events

We only List Music Events; Events where Music is the main attraction or is a part of bigger event. These music events can be Festival, Tours, Gigs, Workshops Concerts & more.


Original/Good Music

We only List Music events where Artists performing have Original music or even if they don't, they should be good at playing it.



Event Concept, Lineup, Artists Profiles, Venue & Creator Details, Ticket Details, Age Limit, Entry Rules are necessary information that go along with an event.

Event Listing FAQs

Why an Event Listing is important?

An Event Listing is not just an "Event Listing" for us, it is much more. It's a living proof for the world to see that Music thrives in India and the scene is dominated by Good Artists and Hardworking creators. That explains why we are so serious about listing events on We treat every listing equally and give out the maximum information that we can.

What type of Events can you get Listed?

The Answer is : Any Music Event that has Good artist who know music. Even If we are to add an event of an artists who covers tracks or remixes them, the music has to be damn good. This is to encourage artists to make good music and give people option to not just party but to discover new artists & amazing music.

Are there any Charges to List an Event?

The standard event listing format doesn't require any payment to be made. For advance listing requirements, you can reach write to us with your requirements at and we will get in touch with you.

Will Listings include Details about Comedy Acts, Entertainers or Other Non Music Acts etc?

Yes! But they will remain inside the Experience section while the entire listing will be reserved for Music.

What Details does PartyOwl need from me to list an event?

Download the listing requirement document (link below) and send it to us with all the details at
Listing Requirement Document

Only for Music Lovers