Loud India Tour 2017
  • Loud India Tour 2017

  • Genre : Psy & Trance (Tours)
  • Fri 24 Nov '17 to Sun 26 Nov '17
  • 09:00 pm to 01:00 am
  • INDIA, Multiple, India, India
  • Entry: Coming Soon
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Galaxy Bookings presents Loud India Tour 2017

LOUD is one of the hottest and most interesting groups in the world trance scene today. Kobi Toledano and Eitan Reiter have been producing high quality and original electronic music together since 2006, blending old school roots with cutting-edge fresh new sound. Refusing to adhere to fashions and formulas they have been paving their own road in the world of electronic music with their own special musical say. Their success in the last years proves that the crowd appreciates it and they have been performing in the biggest music festivals worldwide, and have played in almost every country that holds electronic dance music events on this planet.

So far the duo have released 4 studio albums (Some Kind of Creativity - 2006, Abstract - 2008, Free from Conceptual Thoughts - 2012 and No More X - 2012); A Remix album of a selection of their tracks remixed by the worlds top psytrance producers - 2011); A compilation - Private Lesson -2007); And many EPs and compilation tracks with almost every respected psytrance label out there. They have released their last two albums, and are currently signed with the leading English/South African based label, Nano Records.

India! Get ready as Galaxy Bookings brings Loud to India for a 3 city tour. Witness them play live in your city on 25, 25, 26 November 2017. Cities, Tickets and entry details to be out soon. 

Meanwhile, you can share your details with us by tapping the 'Book button' and PartyOwl will update you when the cities, venue, tickets, are out. 

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13 Oct 2017: Loud India Tour 2017 was announced.


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