A Festival is not just an event or a gathering of people. A festival is a celebration of a cause, a way for a community to show their love towards their culture. Most Festivals are oriented towards a cause and their foundation is based upon it. While music festivals are dedicated to music and the live experience, there are other festivals that hosts great musician amongst them. These festivals in a way celebrate the love of music. On PartyOwl, you will find India's best festival that have music as their attraction. The festival can be a Art festival or even a Bike festival. If it's happening in India, it's on PartyOwl.
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    Jhunjhunu Multi Genre Magnetic Fields Festival 2017 pic
    Magnetic Fields Festival 2017

    Fri 15 Dec, Jhunjhunu at 01:00 pm3 Day

    Multi Genre 3 Day
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    Arunachal Pradesh Multi Genre Orange Festival 2017 pic
    Orange Festival 2017

    Fri 15 Dec, Arunachal Pradesh at 12:00 pm4 Days

    Multi Genre 4 Days
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    Mumbai Multi Genre Enchanted Valley Carnival 2017 pic
    Enchanted Valley Carnival 2017

    Sat 16 Dec, Mumbai at 04:00 pm2 Day

    Multi Genre 2 Day
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    Kolkata Electronic & Dance We Are Connected 2017 pic
    We Are Connected 2017

    Sun 17 Dec, Kolkata at 02:30 pm1 Day

    Electronic & Dance 1 Day
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    Jhunjhunu Multi Genre Taalbelia 2017 pic
    Taalbelia 2017

    Sat 23 Dec, Jhunjhunu at 10:30 am3 Day

    Multi Genre 3 Day
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    Itanagar Electronic & Dance Sunburn Reload pic
    Sunburn Reload

    Sat 23 Dec, Itanagar at 05:00 pm1 Day

    Electronic & Dance 1 Day
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    Mohali Electronic & Dance ChandiGaah Festival 2017 pic
    ChandiGaah Festival 2017

    Sat 23 Dec, Mohali at 04:00 pm1 Day

    Electronic & Dance 1 Day
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    Noida Multi Genre Infiniti 1.0 pic
    Infiniti 1.0

    Sun 24 Dec, Noida at 03:00 pm1 Day

    Multi Genre 1 Day
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