Parekh & Singh with Bjorn Surrao
  • Parekh & Singh with Bjorn Surrao

  • Genre : Pop (Gigs)
  • Fri 04 Aug '17 to Fri 04 Aug '17
  • 09:00 pm to 12:30 am
  • The Humming Tree, Bangalore, Karnataka, India
  • Entry: `600 to `1,200
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The Humming Tree present Parekh & Singh Live in Bangalore

Parekh & Singh are a pop duo from Kolkata, India. Nischay Parekh sings, plays guitar, keyboards, and synths. Jivraj Singh plays drums, drum machines and effects. While Nischay has one foot in this world and the other in the realm of dreams, Jivraj is a student of math and logic and drawn to life’s darker recesses. Friends, enemies, neighbors, and brothers - they wrestle, play table tennis, eat, think, argue, play chess and roam the streets. But, above all, they make music of whimsical, magical beauty and Ocean is their debut album. While their name might recall a small firm of accountants - by day Jivraj keeps books at the family hotel - these office dreamers have conjured nine glowing tracks of cosmic pop that shimmer like an Indian sunset. 

While undeniably sun-kissed, a darkness lurks within. Innocence is tempered by experience. The pill-popping oddity of Hill plays like a ‘B’ movie trailer. With the latter stealing a line from Annie Hall, a shared love of Woody Allen, David Lynch, and Wes Anderson comes as no surprise. With Ghost’s loping drum and piano rhythm, we wallow in delicious melancholy. Newbury Street sees the student Nischay struggle with homesickness under New England skies. As the words of Philosophize suggest - “a New York state of mind in Indian Standard Time” - while both have traveled they are always drawn inexorably back to the city they love, ‘the city that never wakes’. It’s where our two dreamers can be found, wandering, Kolkata’s uncharted alleys in search of the urban pools (‘pukur‘) that dot through the perilously polluted metropolis like portals to peace and tranquility.

A Singer - songwriter, music composer & programmer & performer in the film industry as well as an independent artist. He composes & performs various kinds of music as a solo artist as well as with his band 'Franks Got The Funk' an Alternative / Electro Rock outfit from Madras since the dawn of 2009. He has musically collaborated with various artists such as Anirudh Ravichander, Benny Dayal, Shakthishree Gopalan & Suchith Suresan in the recent past. He is Bjorn Surrao.

India! Get ready to experience these amazing artists and sing along with them and be mesmerized by the aura created by their music. Catch Bjorn Surro, Parekh & Singh live in Bengaluru at The Humming Tree, Indiranagar on 4 August 2017. 

Important Update: This event is Fully Booked and Sold Out. No tickets available at the venue/gates. (Refer to the screenshot below). 

Artist Lineup:

Parekh & Singh, Bjorn Surrao.

Artists in videos:

Parekh & Singh

Bjorn Surrao



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02 August 2017: Parekh & Singh Live, Bangalore Fully Booked and Sold Out.

29 July 2017: Parekh & Singh Live, Bangalore was announced.

The Humming Tree
The Humming Tree

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