Parekh & Singh Live
  • Parekh & Singh Live

  • Genre : Pop (Gigs)
  • Fri 18 Aug '17 to Fri 18 Aug '17
  • 09:00 pm to 12:00 am
  • The Electric Room, New Delhi, Delhi, India
  • Entry: By R.S.V.P
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The Electric Room present Parekh & Singh Live in Delhi

A bright sun casts dark shadows. While undeniably sun-kissed, a darkness lurks within that reflects the contradictory nature of this somewhat eccentric duo. Innocence is tempered by experience. The pill-popping oddity of Hill plays like a ‘B’ movie trailer. With the latter stealing a line from Annie Hall, a shared love of Woody Allen, David Lynch, and Wes Anderson comes as no surprise. With Ghost’s loping drum and piano rhythm, we wallow in delicious melancholy. Newbury Street sees the student Nischay struggle with homesickness under New England skies.

As the words of Philosophize suggest - “a New York state of mind in Indian Standard Time” - while both have traveled they are always drawn inexorably back to the city they love, ‘the city that never wakes’. It’s where our two dreamers can be found, wandering Kolkata’s uncharted alleys in search of the urban pools (‘pukur‘) that dot through the perilously polluted metropolis like portals to peace and tranquility.

Parekh & Singh’s easy way with each other and the dreamy languor that pervades their music belies the dedication of two talented musicians, both immersed in music from an early age. While Jivraj grew up onstage and backstage following his parent’s band, Nischay’s household was soundtracked by his mother’s lucky- dip cassette hoard of pop classics from Frank Sinatra, Marvin Gaye and Stevie Wonder to Geri Halliwell and Latino rock power trio Los Lonely Boys. Sunday mornings were for Jagjit Singh and the evenings for Elvis. While many influences can be detected across its nine tracks - the cracked beauty of Secrets is dusted with a distinctly Americana feel for instance - Ocean is the fresh new sound of India*. A timeless pop masterpiece in the making.

India! Get ready to experience this amazing duo and sing along with them and be mesmerized by the aura created by their music. Catch Parekh & Singh live in New Delhi at The Electric Room on 18 August 2017. Tickets and entry details to be out now. Entry by RSVP (Tap the 'R.S.V.P button' to secure your entry) 

13 Aug 2017  Update: Age limit will remain 25+. For people below the age of 25 expect a gig between 10-14 September 2017.  (Tap the 'Bell button' to share your details and PartyOwl will update you when the next gig is announced).

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Parekh & Singh.

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Parekh & Singh



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13 August 2017: Age Limit for the Gig confirmed to be 25+.

05 August 2017: Parekh & Singh Live, Delhi Entry details were announced.

25 July 2017: Parekh & Singh Live, Delhi was announced.

The Electric Room
The Electric Room

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