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Why do we want to Partner?

The time of music revolution has come. We want to bring magical experiences alive to the users in both the online and the offline world.

Music community is incomplete without the people who directly & indirectly organize/manage events and artists. They can be artists, organizers, promoters, brands, sponsors and anyone who's efforts makes an impact in the music industry. Keeping this in mind, we have opened our platform to partner with like minded people. We believe that "Out there is a new world, Out there is our destiny". Following are the type of people/businesses we partner with.


If you programme, execute & organizer good events/IPs with good artists, we'd like to talk to you.


If you play good music or manage good artists, we'd like to talk about your music and execute a partnership as well.


If you are a well reputed brand looking to explore the vertical of music & live event industry, we'd like to do a meeting with you.


If you record and release awesome music by amazing artists, we'd like to sit down and discuss the terms of partnership with us.

So, if you fall under any of the above category, then we can partner to make something beautiful. To discuss your plans with us, just shoot a mail on and we'll write back to you shortly.

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