Say No to Drugs! discourages the use of Banned Substances, Drugs, Psychotropic substance & narcotics Drugs during, after or before any music event. We ask our users to refrain from using any such substance in during these music events or in any part of their life. These substance are dangerous to health and hamper your physical condition. So, we advise attendees to stay alert during events to avoid consuming any such substances.

What to do when you see someone selling drugs?

If during any music event you are approached by someone who claims to sell any illegal substance or Drugs, you should report it to the event organizers or concerned authorities immediately.

What should you do if you've consumed such a drug accidentally?

If you have consumed such a drug accidentally, you should immediately see a doctor. Event organizers usually have paramedics or medical staff on hold for medical emergencies. During these moments, please make sure to stay away from crowded areas and keep yourself hydrated. You should also inform the concerned authorities about the matter as well.

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