Ragadub 2017
  • Ragadub 2017

  • Genre : Reggae (Festivals)
  • Thu 02 Nov '17 to Sun 05 Nov '17
  • 10:00 pm to 01:00 am
  • Raasta, New Delhi, Delhi, India
  • Entry: Free Entry
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Raasta Delhi presents Ragadub 2017

To give something back to the city, Raasta Delhi started their own music festival 'RagaDub' that brings upcoming & established artists in Dubstep & Bass music under one roof over 4 days. The festival has hosted some of the best musicians from the scene in the last 4 seasons and we expect them to continue the streak this year as well. Ragadub only pushes the envelope further by laying emphasis on bass lines, groove and rhythm playing to a business offering of global music.

So Delhi! Get ready to dance to amazing music at RagaDub 2017 at Raasta Green Park from 2nd - 5th November 2017. Tickets, entry & lineup details will be out soon.

Meanwhile, you can share your details with us by tapping the 'Book button' and PartyOwl will update you when the venue, tickets & lineup are out. 

Artist Lineup:

2 Nov - Sapta, F-16, The Vinyl Records.
3 Nov - DeadlyHunta, DiggyDang, Dakta Dub, Woody Accouche Project.
4 Nov - Agent, Aries, Drumattic, Decima, E, Killwish, Madstarbase, MC Soopy & Masala Dosa, Vridian Music.
5 Nov - Pete Oak, Vinayak^A, Collido, Lune

Artists in video playlist:



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01 Nov 2017: Entry details were added.
22 Oct 2017: Killwish & Woody Accouche Project were added to the lineup.
16 Oct 2017Sapta, E aka Esther were added to the lineup.
21 Sep 2017: RagaDub 2017 was announced.


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