Rini India Tour 2018
  • Rini India Tour 2018

  • Genre : Multi Genre(Tours)
  • Wed 28 Mar '18 to Sat 07 Apr '18
  • INDIA, Multiple, India, India
  • 5 City 6 Shows
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Songdew presents Rini India Tour 2018

Leading an international cadre of musicians, New York-based, Chennai born singer, composer and violinist Harini “Rini” Raghavan creates her own version of Indian electronica drawing inspiration from Carnatic, Electronica, Jazz, and Rock. The group draws influences from Indian Classical, Electronica, Rock and Jazz. She has numerous performances and recordings to her credit, including recordings with Grammy-winning composers A.R.Rahman and Bill Whelan. She is a graduate of the Berklee College of Music with a Major in Electronic Production and Design. She is an upcoming musical presence amongst the Indian diaspora in the US, performs across the country with touring Indian musicians such as Karthik and Saindhavi, and is a regular in New York City venues such as Silvana, Shrine and Rockwood Music Hall.

India! Get ready to be mesmerized by this melodious group of musicians. Take a note of their beats and join the celebrations as Rini goes on a 5 City India Tour.  Get ready for evenings full of music. Rini will be playing in Chennai on 28 March 2018, Bangalore on 30 & 31 March 2018. She'll also be playing live in Delhi, Gurgaon, and Mumbai on 5, 6, and 7 April 2018 respectively. Venues, Tickets and entry details out now. 

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Artist Lineup:

Rini (Voice/Violin/Composer & Producer), Aleif Hamdan (Guitar), Achal Murthy (Bass), Maxime Cholley (Drums), Íñigo Galdeano Lasheras (Sax/Ewi).

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01 Mar 2018: Rini India Tour was announced.


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