RP Boo & Oceantied Live
  • RP Boo & Oceantied Live

  • Genre : Hip Hop (Gigs)
  • Wed 09 Aug '17 to Wed 09 Aug '17
  • 10:00 pm to 01:30 am
  • The Humming Tree, Bangalore, Karnataka, India
  • Entry: `600 Only
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Wild City X Krunk present RP Boo & Ocenatied Live in Bangalore

He is a master of oddness! His music takes you somewhere you need to be. His style, his breaks, his beats, his rhythmic, his flow of music style cannot be robbed. It cannot be copied, it can only be played. He started his journey of Footwork sounds as a DJ. He was recognized and n he began spinning his unique sounds on the Southside of Chicago (Englewood). His sounds woke up Englewood’s party heads and before long he was asked to DJ three to four gigs a week.

But it didn’t stop there, his sounds filtered throughout parties and into their homes.  The party goers’ developed a particular dance-style to fit his beats. Although, no name was given to compliment the fast foot moves demonstrated on the floor. RP continued playing and the crowd adapted its fast dance style, soon birthing the name, Footwork. And now Wild City & Krunk are happy to host the godfather of footwork music, Arpebu a.k.a RP Boo.

In the case you are wondering what's this genre termed as 'footwork', Check out this video and for sure you'll fall for it.

A solo electronic project, an exploration of his electronic music headspace. His music can be ambient, dancey, upbeat or anything in between. His music explores two main sides of the spectrum with downtempo tracks, alongside fast-paced footwork & jungle music. He has shared the stage with the likes of AMIT, Sam Binga, Zed Bias, Lapalux & a bunch more. Apart from his constant involvement in playing live shows at clubs, venues and festivals around the country he also works on the other side of music actively, where he has most recently created a property called Producer Circle, to help producers gather, collaborate and grow in an ecosystem of local music. Fresh from his return from Red Bull Music Academy Montreal and spreading his unique brand of melodies all over the globe, He is Ketan Bahirat a.k.a Oceantied.

India! It's time to work on your footwork as Krunk and Wild City together brings RP Boo & Ocenatied to  Bangalore. Catch them live at The Humming Tree, Indira Nagar on 9 August 2017.  Tickets and entry details out now. (Click the 'Book' button to grab 'em) .

Artist Lineup:

Rp Boo, Oceantied.

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RP Boo




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30 July 2017: Tickets were announced.

21 July 2017: Rp Boo live in Bangalore was announced.

14 July 2017: Rp Boo India Tour 2017 Dates, Cities, Venue announced.

The Humming Tree

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