Groove Fest 2018 Workshop
  • Groove Fest 2018 Workshop

  • Genre : Instrumental (Workshops)
  • Sat 24 Feb '18 to Sat 24 Feb '18
  • 06:00 pm to 10:00 pm
  • SMPC International Worship Centre, Bangalore, Karnataka, India
  • Entry: `700 Only
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Nissi Events presents Groove Fest 2018 Workshop

Groove Fest is a platform, which gives an opportunity to interact, learn with recognised International Artists for your amelioration and enlightenment. Groove fest is a happening Musical Fest, with a vision to educate, explore music through Workshops & Concerts. This is a quarterly happening event that bring the best of Musician's from all over the globe to have a Cultural Exodus in the Music Industry. This time they are bringing the maestros together, a better glimpse is down below, check it out! 

Sean Wright is a drummer, songwriter and producer from Los Angeles USA. He gained his knowledge in drumming Berklee College Of Music in Boston.Mateus (Nogueira) Asato was born on December 29th of 1993, originally from Campo Grande, a very cosy medium-size town located in Brazil. His passion for music started when he was 9, after being influenced by one of his cousins who had learned how to play the guitar. In a musical-religious way, Mateus grew up in a Brazilian Baptist Church, which also gave him lots of inspiration to keep learning and increasing his musical knowledge. After taken 2 years of private guitar lessons, he became part of the worship team at his local church, a fact that he considers very important to his learning. Asato defines this contest as a very inspiring experience and a crucial factor to his professional's choice years later. In March of 2013, Mateus Asato made his toughest decision of life so far. He moved to Los Angeles with the purpose of studying music to achieve greater things in music. After two years living in California, Asato graduated from Musicians Institute in Hollywood with an award of "2014 Outstanding Guitar Player of Musicians Institute" and it's finally ready to share what he's been looking for in America. Mateus Asato has worked with great names in the music industry such as Adoração & Adoradores, Duranbah, Esteban, Israel Houghton, Jabin Chavez, Luan Santana, Mammoth, Storge2, Tiago Suguihara and currently tours with the American singer-songwriter Tori Kelly. In September of 2010, Mateus at the age of 16 won for his first & only time a guitar contest. The national contest was called "Double Vision", and it had around 500 other guitar players participating. (source)

Daughter of bass player Sujoy Dey, She has been already making waves in music. She started learning bass guitar at the tender age of 3 and started playing in concerts and recordings at the age of 10. Earlier it was a hobby for her but now she is professionally gigging all over the world.

In her own words she says, She says,' When I was a small child, I was drawn towards my father's bass guitar. He noticed my interest and started teaching me.Thanks to him and my entire family, I'm able to do what I really like. I want to be a versatile musician, just like my dad. Even though it is has turned to b a profession, but for me it is still a hobby and will always be. It is a game for me and I'm having fun. 

She has played with Zakir Hussain, George Brooks, A.R Rehman, Sivamani, Prasanna Ramaswamy, Babu Choudhary, Harmeet Manseta, Niladri Kumar, Shridhar, Louiz Banks, Gino banks, F.A Talafaral, Loy Mendonsa and with many other great musicians. She loves playing Funk, Jazz, Blues, Indian classical, Carnatic music, and Fusion. Described as a prodigy by many acclaimed musicians. She is Mohini Dey

Musicians! It's an opportunity to learn from the best. Nissi Events brings 2018 edition of Groove Fest, a fest which includes both Masterclass and Workshop from Sean Wright, and Mateus Asato. This 24 February 2018, join the workshop by Sean Wright, Mateus Asato, Mohini Dey live in Bangalore at SMPC International Worship Centre, 6 pm to 10 pm  Tickets and entry details out now! Limited seats 1.e only 35 seats available. (Tap the 'Book button' to secure your entry).

UpdateGrab your tickets soon! If you buy a workshop or masterclass ticket you will be given this raffle ticket you. Those buying tickets online can collect it during the day of the event. Musicians this is a chance for you to be a lucky Winner!

Faculty Lineup:

Sean Wright, Mateus Asato, Mohini Dey

Artists in videos:

Mateus Asato

Sean Wright

Mohini Dey


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09 Jan 2018: Groove Fest 2018 was announced.

SMPC International Worship Centre
  • SMPC International Worship Centre
  • 10, Hennur Main Road, HBR Layout 2nd Block, Stage 1, Kacharakanahalli, Bangalore, Karnataka, 560084, India.
  • 12:00 AM - 12:00 AM
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