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  • question_answerWhat should I do before booking a ticket?
    We recommend users to read & verify event information including all Terms & Conditions, Age Limit, Lineup and concept before buying tickets. Also ensure that the website from which you are buying tickets is secure and has an active support.
  • question_answerWhat are Early Bird tickets?
    Early bird tickets are the very first batch of tickets that are generally sold by organizers at a discounted price. These tickets are sold days or months before an event starts and sometimes are a way for organizers to raise money and gain estimates for the upcoming event. Early bird tickets are always in high demand as they are cheap.
  • question_answerI bought a ticket from PartyOwl and didn't receive any confirmation.
    If your ticket purchase happened after an event on PartyOwl redirected you to a third party ticketing platform, then you purchased tickets from the third party ticket platform and not from PartyOwl. Since ticketing platforms have their own guidelines and process, you should reach out to the ticketing platform and seek support on why the confirmation didn't arrive. A booking confirmation/ticket will grant you entry to the event. For tickets purchased from PartyOwl, you will receive a confirmation on your email. If you didn't, our support will assist you in obtaining the same.
  • question_answerEvent information on ticketing platform doesn't matches with that of PartyOwl. Should I book tickets?
    Events on PartyOwl are updated every 24 - 48 hours. There's a possibility that event information and billed attractions like artists, venue & experiences etc. might change at ticketing platform and the same changes will reflect after sometime at PartyOwl. These cases are very few and rarely happen. However, if you come across one, you should verify all the information before buying any tickets. This will ensure that you are informed about the event that you are going to attend. Even after verifying the information, if you still have some doubts, it's recommended to reach out to us.
  • question_answerWhat should I do if an event that I booked got canceled?
    If an event you've booked got canceled, you should reach out to the ticketing platform you used to book your ticket and ask for a refund. Kindly note, ticket refund guidelines for each event are different and may vary with every ticket platform.
  • question_answerThe artists lineup got changed after I booked a ticket. I need a refund.
    Billed attractions like lineup, date, venue etc might change at any time (even on the day of event). If the expected lineup at an event got changed and you need a refund, we request you to reach out to the platform from which you booked the tickets. They will assist you accordingly.
  • question_answerTickets for an event are being sold offline. What should I do?
    Tickets for few events are sometimes sold offline via cash. These tickets are sold at the venue or at a place designated by the organizers. Before buying any tickets in Cash, kindly verify the authenticity of the seller by reaching out to the organizer or us.

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