Terms of Service for PartyOwl.in

Date : 14 July 2017

The following document describes the Terms of Service between PartyOwl.in and it's users. Users includes Website visitors, Artists, Brands, Vendors, Partners, Organizers, Stakeholder, Music Labels, Promoters, Artist Agencies, Creator and Companies.
Role of PartyOwl.in
PartyOwl.in is a internet based music, event, artist, video & content aggregating platform owned by 'Liberation Entertainment Private Limited' - a company incorporated under the Companies act of India 2013 in the Year 2016 with it's registered office at '713, Sector 11, Vasundhara Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh'. The Brand and the company complies with all the laws laid down in the constitution of India and requires all users & partners to follow the same.Through the website & social media, PartyOwl.in provides information of upcoming & latest music events in India. The website also provide information in form of articles, videos, audio & other rich media formats. Services of PartyOwl.in can be taken by users, their friends & family members.
Information Source & Guidelines
Information provided by/on PartyOwl.in or any of it's business associates(mentioned explicitly) is aggregated from different independent source (Social media platforms like Facebook, websites, partnerships, press releases, ticketing portals, etc. These sources may or may not associate or partner with PartyOwl.in for the given content and may even function without PartyOwl.in consent or association. Information obtained from these sources are published on PartyOwl.in under the ambit of Section 52 of Copyrights Act of 1957 (link). PartyOwl.in verifies information before listing it on it's platform and ensures the authenticity of organizers. However, in case of live music events, users are required to authenticate the event that they are attending. They should follow the below mentioned guidelines that will ensure total customer protection :
  1. Ensure that critical event information like date, time, venue, artists, ticket price, Music genre & billed attractions are updated on the ticket booking portal
  2. Before purchasing any ticket from a ticketing platform, please check whether the event is not in a cancelled state.
  3. Billed attractions live Artists, Stages, Experiences etc are subject to change by the organizer. This information must be verified before making any purchase.
  4. The right to organize and sell ticket is reserved with the organizer. Any queries for this should be directed toward them.
  5. Event time might change on the day of event.
As an aggregator, PartyOwl.in has access to various information sources which helps it to update the events listed on it's website. All users are required to take note of the following guidelines before interacting with PartyOwl.in or taking any of it's services.
  1. Party Owl claims no responsibility for cancelled/badly organized event.
  2. No refund will be made toward tickets not purchased from PartyOwl.in.
  3. Users are requested to cross check event information with the ticket vendor before making any decision.
  4. Users are responsible for their Health & safety while attending any event listed on PartyOwl.in.
#OWLALERTS & Updates
#OWLALERTS are email/sms*/phone* alerts that are sent out to users who have expressed interest for updates for a particular music event via query box, contact form, live chat, email or social media messages. #OWLALERTS provide important updates to the users like ticket, lineup changes, event cancellation, date change, special updates (deals, guidelines, associated events like after parties etc), organizer change, venue change etc. Some #OWLALERTS might arrive after an official announcement has been made. So, users must actively follow the organizer and PartyOwl.in for staying updated.

Following are the terms of service associated with #OWLALERT and updates :
  1. Details shared by Users with PartyOwl.in are only meant to be used for sending #OWLALERTS & event recommendations.
  2. As of Now, Mandatory #OWLALERT are sent to users via Email. Users need to keep a tab on their emails to avoid skipping any #OWLALERT. SMS #OWLALERTS are not sent for all queries.
  3. #OWLALERTS are a recommendation and should not be treated as a primary source of updates until specified explicitly.
  4. Our Team and automated system ensure that #OWLALERTS are delivered to your email inbox. In case, an email is delivered to a folder other than your inbox, the alerts will be considered as delivered.
  5. Since event pages are updated in realtime, Users are requested to check for #OWLALERT and refresh the page before making any decision.
  6. As an intermediary, PartyOwl.in redirects users to the ticketing vendor chosen by the organizer, a user should cross check details before buying a ticket or making a purchase.
  7. Some #OWLALERTS for are timebound, that is, the information that they provide might expire after a certain time. This includes ticket sales, Offers, Deals, Contest and other information that has time limit. In such cases, PartyOwl.in expects users to keep a tab on their emails so that they do not miss out on these time bound alerts.
Pre-empted Events
  1. In many occassions, events will be activated without Dates & Times. These events will carry that notice and people are advised not to take decision untill information is made official.
  2. Pre-empted events are a ways of informing users that the event might happen. The total guarantee that a pre-empted event will take place is not assured by PartyOwl.in.
  3. These events might change their dates, city, time, entry procedure, ticket prices and age limit before being officially announced. Users are requested to not make any final & binding decision based upon these events.

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