Thaikkudam Bridge Live
  • Thaikkudam Bridge Live

  • Genre : Rock (Gigs)
  • Sun 17 Dec '17 to Sun 17 Dec '17
  • 08:00 pm to 11:30 pm
  • Hard Rock Cafe (Bengaluru), Bangalore, Karnataka, India
  • Entry: `750 (Entry) + `750 (Cover)
exploreXplore receipt FINISHED presents Thaikkudam Bridge Live in Bangalore

The band was born near Thaikkudam Bridge. Thaikkudam is a place in Cochin, Kerala. All the hunky, funky, lean, mean, fat, brat members of the band got themselves jam-packed in a room near there and kick-started the journey! In spite of the diverse cultural backgrounds, the members hit it off really well and that's the real reason-They do what They do. Thaikkudam Bridge has performed Internationally and at various successful stages including Bacardi NH7, Home Music Festival, Red Bull Tour Bus etc. 

India! Thaikkudam Bridge is all set to make your world rock. Get ready for some mix of thumping and heart-warming music from the heart-throb of music lovers. Catch Thaikkudam Bridge Live in Bangalore at Hard Rock Cafe on 17 December 2017, 9 PM Onwards. Tickets and entry details out now. (Tap 'Book button' to secure your entry).

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Thaikkudam Bridge.

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1 Dec 2017Thaikkudam Bridge Live in Bangalore was announced.

Hard Rock Cafe (Bengaluru)

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