• I:Tech

  • Genre : Techno (Festivals)
  • Sat 12 Aug '17 to Mon 14 Aug '17
  • 04:00 pm to 06:00 am
  • Marbella Beach, Goa, Goa, India
  • Entry: `500 to `1000
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Marbela Beach present I: Tech Goa 2017

His goal has always been simple - to make the best music he can. Coming from a musical family and trained as a musician from a young age, his innate passion for music has taken him through styles and experimentation the world over. 2015 was special. Within one year of conception, he was touring the globe and releasing on highly regarded labels such as Noir Music, Einmusika, and Sincopat, while developing his own brand of electronic music from his London studio. 2016 promises something more from the 25-year-old. Already having a loaded gig schedule, releases set on home and novel labels, such as Stil Vor Talent, and a full album concept in the pipeline to boot. A special live set will also be revealed including all original material, referencing his past while pointing to the future of his unique journey. He is Third Son.

This independence weekend, prepare for an explosion of music, fun and chilled beach vibes! Presenting our annual 3-day bender ''I: Tech''. Heading the lineup we have the internationally renowned artist ''Third son'' along side an array of artists. Join us with your friends, and make your way to Marbela Beach on 12, 13, 14, 15 August 2017 for a fun-filled long weekend! Tickets and entry details out now. (Tap the 'Book button' to secure your entry)

Artist Lineup:

12 August: Reverse Osmosi, Yogi, Nelio, Denoy, Funksun, MRE.
13 August: Third Son, Assad Namazi, Mohinesh, Leon, Villz, Juke.
14 August: Watec, Priyanjana, Varun F, Akshit Shetty, Beyond 120, Anna Ra.

Artists in videos:

Third Son

Beyond 120



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29 July 2017I:Tech Marbella Beach Goa was announced.

Marbella Beach
Marbella Beach

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