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The Dance music and Party epicenter of India was the first place that embraced the Dance music culture and people who make it. Due to it's geo stratigic advantage and culture, Dance Music thrived and continued to grow. Goa was an Indian Ibiza but only one of it's Kind. Goa has given lot of Artists to Indian music but it is majorly limited to Electronic Dance Music. While goa is known for the musician it has produced, it is majorly also known for the beach festivals and the Psy trance parties that take place through out the year. Goa becomes an international hotspot in the month of November and December as big festival take the city by strom and music fills the air. Sunburn, Vh1, Hilltop, Krunk and other brands organize and throw the biggest festivals and parties that India sees. While it's every bachelor's dream to party in Goa, we should never forget that music is equally important and should never be given priority over Booze.
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    Goa Psy & Trance Music Festival HillTop Festival 2019 pic
    HillTop Festival 2019

    Fri 08 Feb, Goa at 12:00 pm3 Day

    Psy & Trance 3 Day Music Festival
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