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Hyderabad - the capital of Southern Indian State of Telangana is part of the Deccan region which hosts a mix of North & South Indian music. The city which is known as one of the biggest Technology & IT hub of India has produced musicians like Vithal Rao and others who have contributed largely to the south Indian Movie industry (Tollywood). The technically advanced city is filled with good nightclubs that are constantly packed with music lovers and amazing dance music artists. The policies offered by erstwhile State of Andhra Pradesh meant a boom for the music event industry. In the year 2016, Sensation and Tomorrowland organized their individual events which saw the World turn to Hyderabad and looked it as a world class city offering experential music.
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    Hyderabad Rock Gig The Local Train Live pic
    The Local Train Live

    Fri 01 Sep, Hyderabad at 08:30 pm1 Day

    Rock 1 Day Gig
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