Music Events in Rajasthan

One of the biggest tourist destination in India is also home to the most exciting artists and music. While the heritage of this splending state is unmatched, the musical diversity in the cities inside this Desert state is really an Indian pride. The state has hosted music festivals like Sandscape, Taalbelia, Rainbow Fest, NH7 Weekender and other numerous events which make the state stand out from the rest of the music destinations in the World.
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    Jaipur Rock Gig The Local Train Live pic
    The Local Train Live

    Sat 09 Sep, Jaipur at 08:00 pm1 Day

    Rock 1 Day Gig
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    Jodhpur Multi Genre Music Festival Jodhpur RIFF 2017 pic
    Jodhpur RIFF 2017

    Thu 05 Oct, Jodhpur at 12:00 am5 Day

    Multi Genre 5 Day Music Festival
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    Udaipur Multi Genre Music Festival Wonderflip - A Magical Circus pic
    Wonderflip - A Magical Circus

    Thu 09 Nov, Udaipur at 12:00 pm4 Days

    Multi Genre 4 Days Music Festival
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    Jodhpur Multi Genre Music Festival Mahindra Open Sky 2017 pic
    Mahindra Open Sky 2017

    Fri 24 Nov, Jodhpur at 11:00 am3 Day

    Multi Genre 3 Day Music Festival
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    Jhunjhunu Multi Genre Music Festival Magnetic Fields Festival 2017 pic
    Magnetic Fields Festival 2017

    Fri 15 Dec, Jhunjhunu at 01:00 pm3 Day

    Multi Genre 3 Day Music Festival
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