Voice Culture Workshop
  • Voice Culture Workshop

  • Genre : Vocals/Singing (Workshops)
  • Sun 03 Dec '17 to Sun 04 Feb '18
  • 11:00 am to 12:00 am
  • Voice Culture Studio, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
  • Entry: `2,500 Onwards
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Voice Culture Studio presents Voice Culture Workshop

Voice culture studios bring Voice Culture Workshop to Chennai. Go for the workshop to get an exclusive coverage of singing techniques, which include, vocal strength, voice modulation, range expansion, perfect pitch singing, rhythm maintenance, etc. The workshop starts from 3 Dec 2017 and will have 5 session in December 2017, 3 in January and 1 in February 2018. The workshop will take place at the Voice culture studio Chennai.

Budding Singers! It's time to work on your voice and, learn from the professionals. Join this Vocal Techniques & Voice Culture workshop in Chennai at Voice Culture Studio starting 3 Dec 2017, 11 AM onwards. Registration and details out now.  (Tap the 'Register button' to secure your entry) 

Voice Culture in videos:


Profiles will be added soon.

03 April 2017: Voice Culture Workshop was announced.

Voice Culture Studio
Voice Culture Studio

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