1 year of Research
PartyOwl.in exists as an Information-Oriented Platform. In our 1 year of existence, our Users re-established the fact that Delivery of Accurate & Timely information is the key to a better scene and industry. In terms of research, the past year has been very rewarding for PartyOwl. We came across multitudes of problems faced by music lovers before and after music events. Seeing this, we took a personal interest in all the problems that our users shared with us and tried resolving them individually so that we could make the world of music a much better place for music lovers. Learning from these experiences, we took up the task of making the most necessary changes to PartyOwl.in. Improvised in every step to make sure that People Enjoy music while we do the Heavy Lifting. For the scene, industry to grow bigger, work has to be done on the grass root level and that is what PartyOwl.in is here to do.

Our second major update on PartyOwl establishing our faith in free flow of information and exploring new music. Read below as we offer you a glimpse of what's in store and what's coming next.
Artists Section

Our brand new Artist section lets you see which artists are touring India and which artists are playing in a city near you. It comprises of those artists who create their own music and work hard on it. You will come across Singers, Producers and Bands who have the passion for good music.

Music Workshops

If you love music, why not go and learn it as well? Our Workshop section lets you discover music workshops that can guide you towards the path of learning music. We aggregate the best workshops from around the globe and make them available for you. We aggregate both free and ticketed workshops & courses.

Creators Section

The scene is incomplete without the people who manage it. They are known as Promoters, Organizers and Brands, but for us - they are Creators. Our creators section lets you follow your favorite Creators here, see their past events, and even reach out to them for feedback.

updates via #OWLALERTS
The importance of Updates in the world of live music & events is very crucial. Missing out on a small information can translate into a big blunder for a fan who's attending a music festival. Our integrated Query Engine ensures that people who opt for #OWLALERTS for a particular event receive every important alert that affects them. An updated music lover can experience music like no one else.
improved Experience
Yes! The PartyOwl experience has now improved. With the incorporation of Material Design standards, we make sure that your eyes are pleased when you are with us. Our focus on incorporating new design standards helps us to make your experience with PartyOwl full of ease. We want you spend more time on reading more information on PartyOwl.in rather than finding it. As we learn more about user behaviour from our website and feedbacks, we will keep improving the UI. Website speed and security has also been improved.
what's Next?
Oh Boy! We've just started! We are building a team of music enthusiasts and technology lovers to transform PartyOwl.in to the next Music Platform, a platform that works to resolve real world problems and make music reach every distant quadrant of the universe. You can follow the developments at release logs or share your <3 or suggestions to us on hi@partyowl.in.

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